Portrait of the Female Body as a Mystery of Music: A Duet by ADEYEMO E.O & AGUNBIADE KEHINDE

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Some songs are tempoed in mysteries—
they sound like last breath of two hearts clamped together between nags & nostalgia.
The curvy rhythms and the sounds of the night:
this is the unit where the harp sings the loudest.
And the wisdom that defies antonyms place peace against pleasure—
Two hiking birds perch on a stream of unconsciousness.
Tell me about the words that can’t be uttered—
The muffled words of longing with every zephyr coursing through the room.
I’d not tell the mysteries that birthed me
same wisdom that jotted Solomon into fragmented lyrics—synonym of futility & folly.
This place has no defined bearing—when you find
Sojourning men, ask them how the paths become longer.
Labyrinth of two labials
with ecclesiastics of watered zeal—
the zest to start & the jest of forlorn libido—
Pleasures panting for peace at the last drop of nectar.
 I’d never tell the mysteries that birthed me…
May the river that swells up the hearts bear me witness:
That the raging desire caked in salty waters
Is a mystery to souls of men.
I beg you with the jocose jasmine that shoots her gentle tongue between closed labials of a tulip –
Do not arouse these songs
until hearty strings are attached.
Agunbiade Kehinde is a young Nigerian Poet and essayist. His work has featured in Vagabond City Lit, The Pangolin Review, Kalahari Review, The News Digest, African Writer, Little Rose Magazine, Rising Phoenix Review, MusicianInAfrica among others. He is in his sophomore year studying Literature-in-English at the Department of English, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife.

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