Waves by Taofeek Ogunperi


my heart bleeds as my skin sweats,

as my eyes wet, as my hands shake,

as my legs wobble, as my spirit dizzies,

interfacing the lost faces

like an innocent kid propelling

a pictorial horse for a run




gums on my teeth, i don’t know

how to calm the storm settled in my mouth –

grief makes me repine

between dis-eased silences and overweighed speeches




as i swish and swash between

a hundred postures to bend out my pains,

i find a knowing in everything

yet every understanding is a vacuum




horror lives in the immediate past

like a wound that refuses to heal,

and every moment before me

is like my last pass




days: a mainfold of acute pains

people: falling library of joys

places: addresses of torments

life: everything said of days, people and places

death: a presence of absences




Taofeek Ògúnpérí is a poet and an aficionado of arts. He has authoured a published collection of poems – Twisted Tongues (ATMAN Limited, Osogbo; 2017). “Fourteen” and “Songs of the Tryst” are two of his forthcoming poetry collections. His other wrtings include essays, articles, creative nonfiction, and reviews, some of which have appeared in Nigeria and elsewhere. A multi-award winning student, Taofeek studies Literature-in-English at the Department of English of Obafemi Awolowo University. He can be contacted via ogunperitaofeek@gmail.com or 08169896317 on WhatsApp.

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