Female Genital Mutilation And You

Female Genital Mutilation And You

Before I was 15 I had noticed that my genitals have been mutilated was the expression of a young African lady with several dreams and aspirations.

It not uncommon to find several young women with such experience and even worse battling with this and many more types of illnesses as a result of this type of mutilation they had experienced at a young and tender age.

Here in Africa, it is the assumption that when this is done for a young woman, she would know how to keep her family well and then not engage in any form of prostitution. however, the reverse has been the case.

According to local findings from those in and around the African community, it has been noticed that when this is done, the woman engages more in sexual immorality and then cannot control the urge for more sex and sexual activities. This, on the other hand, leave them devastated and dejected at all times.

What sicknesses do they also face? Severe pain, Excessive bleeding (hemorrhage), Genital tissue, Swelling, Fever,
Infections e.g., tetanus, Urinary problems, Wound, Healing problems, Injury to surrounding genital tissue, Shock and finally Death.

We are using this medium to beg on all governmental authorities to please make sure that this habit is stopped and all and sundry should be prosecuted and jailed for this measure against women and the greater good of the community.

If you, however, notice any of such happening in your community raise an alarm and save that young girl today or send us an email here and we would do the needful towards such individuals.

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