Fashion Sense and Culture Of The Modern Woman

Fashion Sense and Culture Of The Modern Woman

Dressing has been a very long tradition of man’s history. Long before modernization and civilization erupted in the society, dressing has been an integral part of every culture and tradition, no matter the type and environ.

Due to modernization and westernization, several things have crept into the culture and lives of Africans especially our women. Some have taken to the bad way of dressing and that has affected the general view of women.

Normal passing remarks of women are bad dressers have become the order of the day. This way the stigma of “Bad Dressing” has been attached to women. What could have been the factor and can there a way out of this?

Despite modernization and culture, it is true that the way you are dressed is how you also be addressed. Little or no wonder that women in the world over are raped and some molested because of indecent dressing.

On the other hand those who dress decently are also molested in one way or the other, but however, it cannot be compared to those who have dress in a provocative or bad manner.

How then does culture have an impact on our dressing? Some culture may open a certain part of the body as a way of life for them, but most African cultures would never encourage you to wear an indecent modern dress and accept you as a “daughter of the soil”.

We urge all African women and those in Diaspora to dress well and then who knows you can attract a man of your choice to yourself.

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