Health Risks of Too much sleep

Health Risks of Too much sleep

Smoke, alcohol, drugs, sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, few hours of sleep and too much sleep, what do these things have in common?

All of them, without exception, cause damage to our health and can lead to an early death, too much sleep.

According to a recent survey by the University of Sydney in Australia, people who sleep too much and exercise very little during the day, ie, are sedentary, have an increased risk of early death.

Our body needs a few hours of rest to recover, good hours of sleep improves our immune system, slows down aging, helps prevent diseases and helps to treat some diseases, but there is a limit of hours of rest, which it is already considered harmful to our organism.

The research curiously points out that people who have a habit of sleeping more than necessary have a shorter life expectancy, just like those who smoke or consume alcoholic beverages.

Two hundred and thirty thousand people were studied throughout the six-year study period, all of these people over the age of forty-five and with some bad habit: smoking, alcohol, sedentary lifestyle, few hours of sleep per day or many hours of sleep per day. Thirty percent of those surveyed reported having more than two of these bad habits.

At the end of the survey, sixteen thousand people studied had died. You should be wondering then what the ideal number of hours of sleep per day.

Scientists have pointed out the number of hours of daily sleep that may already be considered harmful to our health. Over nine hours of daily sleep, coupled with poor physical exercise (less than 150 minutes per week) may already raise the risk of early death by one point six times more.

Our life expectancy is the result of all the habits we cultivate, whether good or bad. A good quality of sleep can be achieved with a period of six to eight hours a night, along with this, daily practice of some kind of physical exercise, a diet rich in fruits, proteins, vegetables, adequate water consumption, proper exposure to the sun, fun and learning can promote a long and happy life. It all depends on our choices.

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