What to do to relieve stomach ache

What to do to relieve stomach ache

What can be done to relieve stomach pain is:

Loosen clothing and rest by sitting or reclining in a quiet environment.

Take a holy thorn tea, which is a great medicinal plant to treat stomach problems.

Eat a piece of raw potato because this is a natural antacid, with no contraindications.

Put a bag of warm water in the stomach to relieve the pain.

Drink small sips of cold water, to moisturize and facilitate digestion.

The treatment for stomach pain should also include a light diet, based on salads, fruits and fruit juices such as watermelon, melon or papaya, avoiding eating fatty foods and alcoholic beverages.

However, when stomach pain becomes persistent over the years and if pain is associated with weight loss, vomiting or bloody stools, you should seek a doctor because these symptoms may indicate stomach cancer.

Warning signs to go to the doctor
It is advised to go to the gastroenterologist when:

Pain in the stomach is strong and persistent.

If you experience vomiting with blood.

If the stools are black and have a very intense smell.

These signs may indicate bleeding into the digestive system that needs to be investigated and properly treated.

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