5 things a husband should do to his wife without her asking (and vice versa)

5 things a husband should do to his wife without her asking (and vice versa)

A happy marriage is not measured by the years together but by the small gestures that one makes for the other daily and that nurture the relationship. Many couples want to keep their marriage happy, but they do not know how.

According to a doctor in psychology, a happy relationship should not be something difficult to achieve. A study of 373 married couples since 1986 has shown that couples can maintain a happy relationship, or even make it better, through small changes and new behaviors.

“Many experts say that you need to focus on fixing the relationship problems, my research shows that adding positive behavior has a much better impact on the couple’s happiness,” explains the Dr.

If you still do not do these things for your wife or husband, the time is now:

1. Praise often
Who does not like to hear a sincere compliment? According to Huffington Post that exaggerated praise does not have to be “you’re the best wife in the world,” but heartfelt compliments about simple things like “lunch is delicious” is great. Praise is a way of recognizing the things one does for the other.

2. Talk about your thoughts and feelings
When the person can not express their feelings to their partner, the relationship becomes empty and lonely. Happy couples may not communicate often on a deep level, but they do it often enough to feel that they really know each other.

3. Make Pleasant Surprises
Couples who made little surprises for each other were happier. These were couples who showed in small gestures help and support, such as holding hands while walking on the street, washing dishes for her or even cooking the other person’s favourite food.

4. Get in the habit of saying “I love you” and “thank you”
Gentleness in marriage can often be overlooked or neglected, but it is extremely important to nurture a healthy relationship.

A surefire way to keep the fire alive and burning in the relationship is to see your partner smile when you regularly note and talk about the contributions she makes to your life,” explains a couple’s therapist.

People want to be reminded that they have value to you, and safe couples understand that this must be commonplace. Although you assume that your love is understood, in reality, constantly recognizing your partner’s efforts and contributions builds a more connected deep.

5. Have a sense of partnership
Unhappy couples often do not consider how their decisions will affect their relationships. Hiding important information from your partners or not opening up to avoid fights is something that hurts your marriage over time.

Happy couples should be partners with one another, they should not act as if each had their own life. Happy couples put their relationship first and sacrifice things they like to do as an individual for the good of the family.

The spouse should always be aware of what is happening in the other’s life and he or she should ask the opinion of his partner for important decisions. After all, marriage is a partnership.

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