How To Use Banana To Reduce Pressure And Improve Mood

How To Use Banana To Reduce Pressure And Improve Mood
Despite being known as the enemy of diets, bananas can be included in a healthy diet, even for those who want to lose weight. Being rich in carbohydrates, one of the main benefits of this fruit is to give energy, but it can also be used to increase the feeling of satiety and well being, as it is rich in tryptophan, an important compound to improve mood.

An average unit of silver banana has about 40 kcal, and should be consumed once a day to not get fat and at the same time get its benefits. An important tip is to know that the ripe banana does not cause constipation, while the greener banana helps trap the intestine and can even be used to help fight diarrhea.

Thus, its main benefits are:

1. Regulate the intestine, consuming mature bananas in cases of constipation and greener bananas in cases of diarrhea.

2. Decrease appetite as it increases satiety and is rich in fiber.

3. Avoid muscle cramps, being rich in potassium and magnesium.

4. Reduces blood pressure as it is high in magnesium, which helps relax blood vessels.

5. Improve mood and help fight depression because it contains tryptophan, an amino acid that participates in forming hormones that enhance mood and help you relax.

6. Strengthen the immune system and prevent diseases by being rich in vitamin C.

7. Improve the metabolism of cholesterol and carbohydrates by being rich in manganese.

8. Help control cholesterol and prevent intestinal cancer by containing soluble fibers.

An important tip is to consume the less ripe banana in cases of diabetes, as this will be less sweet and will not increase blood sugar, which is the blood sugar content.

How to eat bananas without getting fat
To be able to consume banana without gaining weight, it is important to mix it with food sources of protein or good fats, as the following combinations:

1. Banana with peanuts, nuts or peanut paste, which are sources of good fat and B-complex vitamins.

2. Banana bruised with oats because oats are rich in fiber that help control the sugar effect of bananas.

3. Banana beaten with a slice of cheese because cheese is rich in protein and fats.

4. Banana dessert from the main meals, because if you eat a good amount of salad and meat, chicken or fish, the banana carbohydrates will not stimulate the production of body fat.

Try using this tips and see how much you must have benefitted from this.

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