Does wounding in uterus hinder getting pregnant?

Does wounding in uterus hinder getting pregnant?
The wound in the cervix can disrupt the woman who wants to become pregnant because they alter the pH of the vagina and the sperm can not reach the uterus, or because the bacteria can reach the fallopian tubes and cause pelvic inflammatory disease. However, mild injuries usually do not interfere with pregnancy.

This disease can also happen during pregnancy, which is common due to hormone changes in this period and should be treated as soon as possible, as inflammation and infection can reach the inside of the uterus, amniotic fluid and baby, causing risk abortion, premature birth, and even infection of the baby, which can have complications such as delayed growth, difficulty breathing, changes in the eyes and ears.

Can Uterine Wound Cause Cancer?
The wound in the womb usually does not usually cause cancer and is usually resolved with treatment. However, in cases of rapidly growing wounds, and when treatment is not performed properly, the risk of becoming cancer is increased.

In addition, the chance of a wound in the uterus turning cancer is greater when it is caused by the HPV virus. The cancer is confirmed through the biopsy performed by the gynecologist, and treatment should be started as soon as the diagnosis is confirmed, with surgery and chemotherapy.

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