What is female ejaculation and how does it occur?

What is female ejaculation and how does it occur?
Female ejaculation occurs when the woman releases a liquid through the vagina during orgasm, being similar to what happens in the man during the ejaculation of the sperm.

Although it may also be known as squirting or squirt, which is what happens when the woman releases urine during sexual activity, female ejaculation is slightly different, since the released fluid is not just urine, also possessing a substance similar to the acid prostate, produced by the prostate in man.

What is the liquid released?
In most women, the fluid released during orgasm is just made up of urine and is therefore known as squirt or squirting. However, there are women who, during orgasm, expel a mixture of urine with prostatic acid, which ends up gaining the name of female ejaculation.

Although the ejaculation fluid has prostatic acid, this does not mean that the woman also has a prostate because this acid is also produced by two glands that are near the orifice of the urethra and are known as Skene’s glands.

Why does ejaculation occur?
The process is not yet fully known, however, it is possible that female ejaculation may occur due to the intense contraction of the walls of the vagina and all surrounding muscles, which causes the Skene glands to contract and release prostatic acid , which ends up being diluted in some urine that comes from contracting the bladder.

What is female ejaculation and how does it occur?
Although Skene’s glands are present in the body of all women, female ejaculation does not occur in all of them. This is mainly due to the anatomy of each woman and the position of the glands. While some women have glands that allow easy ejaculation, others have a hard time ejaculating.

In addition, there are also women who can not relax enough during intimate contact to allow the intensity of the contractions during orgasm to produce ejaculation. In these cases, it is possible to learn to ejaculate through relaxation and breathing techniques that can be done during sexual activity.

Is it necessary to ejaculate for pleasure?
Pleasure during intercourse does not depend on a woman’s ejaculation since it is possible to achieve orgasm without the woman releasing any kind of liquid. However, women who can ejaculate report that this type of orgasm is usually better for them than orgasm without ejaculation.

Does ejaculation smell?
Although female ejaculation can contain urine, this amount of urine is greatly diluted with prostatic acid, which makes ejaculation not have a specific odor and is in most cases a neutral scent.

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