Google Play Showcases Women Against International Day

Google Play Showcases Women Against International Day.
Thursday, March 8, would be the ninety-ninth annual International Women’s Day all over the world. Towards that end, Google would be showcasing women who in one way or the other had contributed to the growth of application building, game designs, arts or any other technological input to the growing community.

Starting from this week, if you open your Google Play Store, you will find collections of games and apps created by women from around the world. Books, movies, and TV shows that feature strong female protagonists are also showcased. This is, as a result, to help and build women around the world.

Zen Koi 2, an Android game with over a million installs, gives you the ability to raise Koi fish. Ancient Asian myths say that Koi eventually ascend into dragons, so the game essentially lets you become the mother of dragons.

Race for the Galaxy is a board game-style app where players advance their empire by building tech or settling planets. Kami 2 is an addictive puzzle game that combines logic and problem solving to create a calming experience. Women created all three games which will be showcased on play store.

Outside of the Google Play Store, a selected group of female YouTube creators will also have time to shine, as they post videos telling personal stories on how they got into gaming. Look for new vids from OMGItsFireFoxx, CyberNova, Gloom, and Rosanna Pansino.

This is not the first time Google has pushed to showcase women in underrepresented fields. At the end of last year, the company created Change the Game, an initiative celebrating women who play games and promoting diversity in gaming culture and games themselves.

The worlds of media and entertainment are filled with terrific content created by women. Google will simply be bringing them to the forefront to remind people how rich and incredible our world is because of the women around us.

Are you proud to be a woman? Then you should try as much as possible to see how much you have been valued by Google.

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