6 things you should have i common with your partner to have a stronger relationship – 2

6 things you should have i common with your partner to have a stronger relationship – 2
1. You deal with money in similar ways
Of course, you should not open a joint account with your partner in the first week, but the way you deal with finances is very important for a long-term relationship.

There are people who choose to live the present and therefore do not bother to economize. Others, however, put the future first and always seek to keep a good amount every month. While everyone should take care of their own finances, you need to have a similar view of how to deal with money.

2. Both have the same interest in sex
When two people have different levels of interest in sex, one will always feel frustrated and rejected while the other will feel pressured all the time. In this way, it is very common for sexual relationships to become a currency of exchange between the couple, something that is not healthy for the relationship.

3. Both give the same value to spending time alone
For a relationship to be lasting, it is important that both of them hold the same importance for the time you spend with each other. It may be that one of the partners loves going out in class and is always looking for an activity that involves more people, while the other gives preference to the couple to be alone.

In this case there may be a disparity in the perceived level of attention and dedication: while one will find that he is already spending enough time with the partner to include him in his social programming, the other may feel that the relationship is not being valued as it should.

4. Do you have the same opinion about children?
If your partner is crazy about having children and you simply do not identify with motherhood, it is clear that at some point you will have some obstacles in the relationship.

It may be that you are still unsure about your family plans, but it is important that you clarify what each one thinks about this subject.

5. Similar views on religion and politics
You may want to avoid touching these issues among friends or in the professional environment, but it is essential that you and your partner have similar opinions when it comes to sensitive topics such as religion and politics.

You do not necessarily have to have the same belief or vote for this or that candidate, but it is essential that there is a good dialogue and that the two are flexible. When there is no room for debate, it can be very difficult to deal with extreme opinions.

6. The two have the same desire to grow
You can dream of specializing academically, opening a successful business or gaining a major position outside the country. Or, it may be that you are content to have a steady job and a car in the garage.

Regardless of your dreams, it is important that you both share the same desire to grow (or not!). Otherwise, one will end up feeling irritated by the other’s apparent dismay, and the other will not understand why the partner simply does not leave him alone.

Small differences are natural and fully expected – after all, you’re not relating to the mirror! However, there are some points that can be difficult to give up. When these big differences get under the rug, they end up undermining the relationship up there. In this way, it is always appropriate to resort to dialogue from the beginning of the relationship.