5 things you should have in common with your partner to have a stronger relationship – 1

5 things you should have in common with your partner to have a stronger relationship – 1
The saying goes that “opposites attract” and this may even be true, but it is not always that they are able to hold together for a long time when we talk about a healthy relationship.

Beyond the small differences like the taste for the movies and the favorite dessert, there are some things that, for the most part, cannot be negotiated in a relation because they represent a break in the personal values of each one. Know the main ones:

1. Plans for the future
For a relationship to work, it is essential that you and your partner have the same vision about the future: where you plan to live, if you want to have children, what standard of living you want to have, etc.

Having a “north” helps you to realize what each one needs to do daily so that you can achieve those goals. And, of course, if you do not have the same “north,” you may need to rethink some choices or the relationship itself.

2. The possibility of being yourself
We all have some “masks” that we have adopted so that we can live together at work or in other social environments. But at home and with your partner, you need to feel free to be yourself – and so does he. Otherwise, over time, you will feel frustrated with yourself as you no longer recognize who you are.

3. They both know when they are wrong
There is no perfect relationship, and the discussions are normal and even healthy – as long as they happen in a respectful way and serve to adjust things between you. What really matters, in this case, is that they both know their own mistakes and are apologetic.

When the relationship is still not very solid, the tendency is to want to disguise our pitfalls. But when we are with someone who is really willing to understand us and make things better, you feel more comfortable to take a break and find a solution.

4. You have the same ethical and moral values
One of you does not see a problem getting a percentage over the condo without the neighbors knowing, while the other thinks everything should be clear. One makes a point of following all the rules, but the other always looks for an easier way to do the tasks, even if it means breaking some rules.

In this case, the difference between ethical and moral values ​can lead to great disappointment in the relationship, for one will feel constrained and the other will feel that their principles have been disrespected.

5. There is an emotional connection
Having physical attraction is essential for a relationship to exist, but just that is not enough. Without an emotional connection, there will be no real desire to build a future together – it is only a momentary relationship.

If that’s what you’re after, fine. However, if you want a partner or partner to have a long-term relationship, there needs to be mutual affection and interest between you.

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