5 Questions You Should not Be Ashamed to Ask the Gynecologist – 1

5 Questions You Should not Be Ashamed to Ask the Gynecologist
Periodic consultations with one or a gynecologist are critical for women, especially with regard to sex life and even health in general. But not all are comfortable or comfortable to talk openly about certain issues with their doctors.

Some subjects can really be embarrassing. Still, it is necessary to encourage and ask or talk about it, whether it is sexual intercourse, vagina appearance or any other subject, with the certainty that you will have the answers from reliable and professional sources.

Doctors themselves say that patients need not be ashamed, as there is probably nothing that gynecologists have not yet heard or find embarrassing to talk about. And, knowing the habits and the doubts of each one, makes the consultation and the follow-up are even better. Check out 5 questions you should not be ashamed to ask at the time of your appointment:

1. “Is my vagina normal?”5-questions-not-ashamed-ask-gynecologist-africanrubiz
There is no normal pattern for the vagina and one does not look like the other. These differences range from the size of the lips to the prominence of the clitoris and the tone of the skin. It is very likely that only the person himself perceives what he claims to be different. But, anyway, it is important to ask if there is any problem with vaginal health, the doctor can clarify.

2. “What is this irritation?”5-questions-not-ashamed-ask-gynecologist-africanrubiz
Some skin irritations may occur in the vagina or groin area, but you do not need to panic. There are different reasons for this to happen, such as the method used in hair removal, contact with clothing labels, among others. It can range from folliculitis, or even warts, to herpes. The important thing is to be alert whenever something comes up and observe if it is bothering you, if it hurts, it seems something unusual.

3. “What to do when you have too much sweat in your vagina?”5-questions-not-ashamed-ask-gynecologist-africanrubiz
Doctors clarify that it is common to confuse the natural vaginal discharge with the actual sweat, that can happen around the pelvic region. If it is really too much sweat, it may be the case of trunk hyperhidrosis, which should be treated with topical medication or with injections, such as Botox.

4. “Why do I have vaginal discharge?”5-questions-not-ashamed-ask-gynecologist-africanrubiz
Vaginal discharge, according to experts, is a normal part of reproductive health. But in some cases, it can indicate more serious problems, especially if it is causing pain, itching or discomfort. If you have the appearance of “white cottage cheese” or fish odor especially after sex, it can be an infection. Therefore it is necessary to do specific tests, to be sure what it is and to take care of the correct way.

5. “Is it normal to have an odor in the vagina?”5-questions-not-ashamed-ask-gynecologist-africanrubiz
Yes. It’s normal and there’s no need to worry. Especially during the menstrual period or after practicing intense physical activities, this odor may arise. But if you have the features mentioned in the previous item, it is the case to seek a doctor to evaluate better.

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