5 Things You Must Do To Have Long, Strong Nails

5 Things You Must Do To Have Long, Strong Nails
Nails are highly valued in the universe of beauty, so that many of us are passionate about long, enameled, decorated nails and with everything we have right. More than just the end of the fingers, they are part of the look and also follow trends of style.

However, enjoying long nails is not always synonymous with having healthy, beautiful nails. If you are dissatisfied because your nails break very easily and never reach the ideal size, check if you are still not following any of the following tips:

1. Have a healthy diet
The nails are a part of the body like any other and therefore they also suffer much influence from our food. As they are made up primarily of a protein (keratin), it is very important that our diet offer adequate levels of amino acids.

Sources of protein like salmon and chicken are excellent choices for this; Still, these foods offer zinc, which is also essential for nails.

In addition, this part of the body needs lots of vitamin A, B vitamins, vitamin C and folic acid, which are found mostly in dark green leafy vegetables such as spinach and kale, and in foods rich in good fats such as avocado.

2. Keep your nails well moisturized

A moisturized nail

As with the skin, the nails also become weaker, brittle and subject to desquamation when they are dehydrated. Therefore, it is necessary to include hydration of that part of the body in your daily beauty care.

Applying a cuticle cream or oil a few times a day and protecting gloved hands and nails when handling cleaning products are two habits that contribute to the hydration of that region.

3. Do not use your fingernails as a tool
Opening beverage cans, ripping off labels, repairing the hook of a bracelet … It is very common to resort to nails to do these activities, but this is a habit that we must leave aside.

By forcing the nails against a hard surface, we create small cracks that facilitate the break – or we already flake the nail at a time. So resist temptation and resort to the right instrument!

4. Do your fingernails frequently
Doing your nails regularly helps them grow because of the simple fact that, in order to preserve the enamel, we take more care of our hands. You know, when we have our nails done, we do not use them as tools and we use gloves to protect them from chemicals.

In addition, having the nail polish on time helps to eliminate the nail-biting habit and lessens the urge to tear off “peeps” around them.

You do not necessarily have to go to the salon all week, because nail care at home already has that effect. However, it is necessary to use good quality enamels, preferably hypoallergenic, and to use removers without acetone, avoiding to dry your nails.

It is also necessary to observe a safe limit in relation to the removal of cuticles, as they are essential for the health of that part of the body.

5. Be patient!

A growing good nail

Having long, strong nails is a time-consuming process, so you need to be patient. Unfortunately, the results do not appear overnight, as the ends of the fingers have their time of growth and recovery – the nails of the hands take about 6 months to be completely renewed.

At that time, your fingernails are quite likely to break, because you have to wait until the weakened part is replaced. Do not be upset: this is momentary and will pass, as long as you stick to your care routine.

It may be worthwhile to consult a dermatologist to see if there is no other problem on your nails and, if necessary, to indicate a special strengthening foundation for you. Be patient and soon you will have the nails you always wanted.

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