10 Home Accidents That Your Children Face And How To Avoid Them

1. Beware of the wet floor
As we know, kids love running around the house.

Therefore, wet floors, especially in the bathroom, can be a risk.

Make sure that the floor is always dry and free of carpets.

Putting non-slip socks on children also helps.

2. Put protection screen on doors and windows
A big risk of homes and apartments for children is on the doors and windows.

When attempting to look at the outside of the house or pick up some object, the child may slip and fall.

To prevent accidents and make the home safer for children, install protective screen on all doors and windows and do not leave benches or chairs nearby.

If it is possible to install iron railings, better still.

3. Toys and small objects are left out
Clean the children’s toy box to make your home safer for them.

As children usually carry everything in their mouths, toys with small parts or objects such as lighters and matches can be very dangerous and cause choking or other accidents.

Hide them or get rid of everything.

4. Care with plastic bags
When you return home with your purchases, be sure to keep the bags in safe places, so that children do not make them a toy and end up being choked.

5. Change the tablecloth
Just as in the case of pots, children can also pull the towel off the dinner table out of curiosity, causing hot food and heavy objects such as pots and pans to fall.

So replace large towels with American games.

6. Evaluate the origin of the plants you own at home
When playing in the garden or indoors, children can ingest the plants, which can be very dangerous.

So make sure they are not poisonous.

7 Crib care
The crib is where young children spend most of their time and, for that reason, deserve special attention in the matter of safety.

Baby using the stairs alone

Avoid leaving toys and plush toys in the crib when you are not around.

The same goes for covers and pillows.

Another important issue is the grids.

The distance from one bar to another should be at most 5 centimeters, and the older the child, the lower the mattress and grilles should be in relation to the floor to avoid falls.

8. Leave the garage locked
Whether it’s the car, or because of tools and objects, a garage is a place that should be banned for children.

Always leave it locked and do not forget your car keys.

9. Surround fitness equipment
Treadmills, exercise bikes, and other exercise equipment should be insulated with fences, such as those used in swimming pools.

10. Maintain vigilance
Even with all the care, it is impossible to predict what the child is imagining for their daily adventures.

Therefore, it is essential that there is always an adult around supervising.

Never leave the child alone because only then will you have time to react faster if something happens and you can better anticipate possible accidents.

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