Scientist unveils 12 steps to perfectly dry Your hair

Scientist unveils 12 steps to perfectly dry Your hair
Hair is an important part of a woman’s beauty. Few are those who pay little attention to the care and beauty of their hair.

New products and technologies to treat and beautify the threads are always a subject of great interest among the female audience.

However, some simple things we do at home can help make hair look better. Proper use of the dryer is a good example of this. Thinking about this, a researcher at Harvard University has created a twelve-step guide to perfectly dry your hair and make it even more beautiful.

1. Know your hair
According to Dr. Moore, to learn how to treat your wires well, it is important to know their structure. Understand that they are made from keratin (the same protein that forms the nails) and have an external part known as a cuticle (protective) and an inner part called the cortex (a more elastic region).

2. Dryer helps wires
Much is said that the use of hair dryer harms the hair. According to research done by Dr. Moore, when the hair stays wet for a long time, the inner part of the wire, the cortex, becomes swollen and helps to make the hair weaker. Drying the hair after washing them is important part if you want to have a beautiful and silky hair.

3. Hair Products
After researching various hair products, Dr. Moore points out that it is not worth spending a lot of money on expensive products, middlemen are the best, this is because external factors can contribute to frizz even if you have been spending horrors on products very high quality.

4. Dry with the towel
Before using the dryer the use of the towel is indicated to remove the excess of water on the threads, but the movement must be to knead, as rubbing the towel in the hair will cause them to break and also to be filled with frizz .

5. Comb is better than brush
To comb the hair damp never use a brush, prefer the combs, this way you will be avoiding that the wires break down and lose its beauty.

6. Using the dryer
After the help of the towel to remove excess water, start using the dryer at low temperature to prevent the hair from overheating. Hold the dryer at a distance of six inches from your head, and remain at that temperature until you feel the hot wires. When this happens, most of your hair will be dry, at this time you can warm up a little more to finish drying them and soon after returning the dryer to a cold temperature. This process will cause the cuticles to close and avoid the formation of undesirable frizz.

7. Volume
If you want volume in your hair you do not have to dry your hair by turning your head down, you just need to get the nozzle closer to the root of the hair.

8. Brightness
Having a hair with a lot of shine is the desire of all women. The dryer can be your ally in this regard, so adapt the nozzle of your dryer and dry all the hair with it, in this way the wires will all dry in the same direction and remain much brighter.

9. Never sleep with wet hair
This practice causes the wires to rub against the pillow and this friction causes the wires to break.

10. Care of the board and babyliss
Only use these devices when you are sure that your hair is completely dry, otherwise your hair can break easily.

11. Curly hair care
Drying curly hair with the use of a diffuser in the dryer will make them look better.

12. Time
External factors such as weather can greatly detract from the beauty of the yarn, to avoid this problem there are products in the form of spray that if applied protect against the heat and leave the hair still silky and beautiful.

Dr. Moore’s researches deny various myths about hair. Her years of study dedicated to understanding and helping women have beautiful, healthy hair has helped many women around the world.

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