7 alcoholic drinks that are bad for the skin

7 alcoholic drinks that are bad for the skin
You are already tired of knowing that alcoholic beverages are harmful to health, negatively affecting the stomach, liver and kidneys, among other organs. In addition, anyone who has ever had a diet to lose weight knows that alcohol is full of empty calories, that is, it favors the accumulation of weight without providing any necessary nutrients for the body.

What you may not have realized is that, just like the rest of the body, our skin also suffers when we ingest these drinks, either because of alcohol or components such as sugar and salt .

Find out which 7 of the most harmful alcoholic beverages are from the “least worst” to the biggest villain:

7. Tequila: two evils, the smallest
Thanks to its low sugar content, tequila was ranked seventh among the most harmful drinks to the skin. By having a lower content of this component, tequila does not cause as much inflammation, so it does not stimulate the appearance of acne like other types of drink.

However, of course your skin will be dehydrated if you spend the whole night drinking shot behind shot, even more so if they are supplemented with salt.

6. Beer: It’s bad, but not so bad.
Beer contains many carbohydrates and also a little salt, two ingredients that harm the skin. However, on the other hand, good quality beers also have some antioxidants, which help fight against aging.

In addition, beer has a lower alcohol content than that of distilled beverages and is usually drunk more slowly, which somewhat lessens the effect of dehydration on the body and the skin.

5. Gin-tonic: could be worse
Gin of good origin does not contain by-products of the formation of ethanol, such as methanol and other alcohols, which are even more harmful to the body and cause hangover. In addition, ginettone is relatively poor in salts and sugars, so that the skin suffers little damage (if consumption is moderate, of course).

4. White wine: the thing started to get more serious
White wine is very rich in sugar, which favors inflammatory processes and cellular damage. As a result, after a night of this drink, your skin is more prone to the onset of acne. In the long term, white wine consumption also accelerates the onset of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and sagging.

3. Mojito: wrinkles, many wrinkles
Mojito is a drink that takes a lot of added sugar and syrups (as well as soft drinks, energy drinks and even industrialized juices). Therefore, this is one of the drinks that most favor inflammation throughout the body. In the skin, the consequence is the destruction of the collagen fibers, favoring the appearance of wrinkles.

2. Margarita: Hangover with Dark Circles
The margarita takes good doses of sugar and salt in its recipe. Along with alcohol, these ingredients are responsible for the effect of fluid retention on the whole body after a night out, which even appears on the skin.

Therefore, exaggerating the margarita can make you wake up with bags under the eyes, besides leaving your whole face with a certain swelling. Not to mention the headache, of course.

1. Red wine: do not be fooled
Red wine is known to be a “good” alcoholic beverage because of its antioxidant content. And really, we can not deny that these components bring advantages to our cardiovascular health. However, when we think of the skin, the beneficial effect of antioxidants is not enough to combat the damage that this drink causes.

To begin with, alcohol is a vasodilator, which means it stimulates the opening of blood vessels – which is why many people get their cheeks red after a few sips.

In the case of red wine, this redness is even more pronounced because it also stimulates the release of histamine, which increases flushing. This effect is especially harmful for people who suffer from rosacea, increasing the burning sensation on the face and the appearance of rashes and blemishes.

Although red wine is the biggest villain among skin-damaging beverages, excessive consumption of any alcoholic beverage, even those that have not appeared on the list, will have negative effects on the body as a whole. You do not have to deprive yourself completely, but avoid excesses.

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