5 things that may be leaving your hair more oily and you can not imagine

5 things that may be leaving your hair more oily and you can not imagine
Have you ever accepted that your hair is oily and that’s why you use specific shampoos, the only conditioner in length and avoid very hot water, but still your wires live that look as if you had not washed them for weeks?

It may be that the cause of this increase in oiliness is in a habit you can not even imagine. Know five things that can stimulate the production of oil by the hair and make this problem worse:

1. Accumulation of product residues
As much as you wash your hair, some products like finalizers, leave-ins and dry shampoos may be harder to remove completely, and over time they will accumulate. The problem is that these residues can cause irritations on the scalp, which causes it to produce more oil or flake.

If you feel that this is your case, try to use an anti-waste shampoo once a week if your hair is very oily or once every 15 days if the problem is not so serious.

2. Overwash
Well, you just wanted to make your hair clean and free of oil, but know that washing the wires too often can have the opposite effect. This is because, when the natural oil is removed, the scalp may want to “compensate” for that loss by producing even more oil.

To avoid this rebound effect, you can replace some traditional washes by dry shampoo, which has a lower oil removal power. Remember that this product should not be used too often, as it can leave residues that irritate the scalp, increasing oiliness.

3. Keep rubbing your hair
We do not even notice and end up running a hand through our hair several times a day. The problem is that this habit causes us to take the oil, the sweat, the microorganisms and all the other residues that are in our hands directly to our wires.

If this is your case, you can try to control yourself to avoid this habit or at least remember to wash your hands before trying to straighten your hair.

4. Do not clean the brush correctly
After tidying up the hair, it is necessary to do a good cleaning on the brush or comb we use. In addition to being filled with falling wires, these objects can also accumulate debris, dust and, of course, oil.

If your brush or comb is not properly cleaned, you will end up transferring all these dirt to your hair – and spreading them all the way through! Therefore, always remove the wires that have become screwed and make regular cleanings in your paraphernalia.

5. Use the same pillowcase for a long time
As with brushes and combs, its pillowcase also accumulates oil, dead cells, sweat, and microorganisms. A night’s sleep will not be enough to make the pillowcase unusable, but in case you spend too much time without changing it, it may end up transferring all that waste to your head back.

So it is best to use the pillowcase (and the rest of the bedding) for a maximum of one week. After this period, it is necessary to wash all the parts.

If these tips do not help you identify what is increasing the oiliness of your hair, it is always advisable that you consult a dermatologist to know what are the best treatment options for your case.

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