Beyond the breast nodule: Know the main symptoms of breast cancer

Beyond the breast nodule: Know the main symptoms of breast cancer
Once again we come to the month where there is much talk about breast cancer prevention, the month known worldwide as October Rose.

The awareness of women year after year has become ever greater thanks to campaigns like this where various institutions aim to alert women about the risks of the disease and make them aware of the importance of doing monthly self-examination in their homes, besides indicating other care.

However, little is said about male awareness for this same disease. Men also have breasts and can be affected in the same way, so prevention and awareness is good for everyone.

Prevention is a sign of self-esteem, losing a few minutes in the month if observing and feeling the breasts is taking care of itself, because the sooner detected any type of breast alteration, the greater the chances of total cure of the disease, and in this case we are talking about a disease that can kill! So it’s really worth taking this little care.

In addition, for women to make the annual visit to the gynecologist is essential, because in addition to the cervical examinations they frequently request, mammography and breast ultrasound are also important tests that detect any type of alteration, however small.

If you find any changes in your monthly self-examination stay calm and seek help from your doctor. All nodules need to be investigated, but most of them, almost eighty percent, are benign nodules.

Still, when malignant nodules are found early in their development, the cure rate reaches one hundred percent. For this reason being always attentive is fundamental.

With one hand behind your head, touch the breast with your fingertips. Do this across the breast and repeat the same movement by placing the other arm behind the head in order to examine the other breast. This test can be done lying down or while you are in the shower.

In the mirror
Stand in front of the mirror, let your arms down on the side of the body and visualize your breasts. Notice if there is anything different about them. Then, with both arms raised behind the head, check if one of the breasts makes a different movement from the other.

After that, gently squeeze the nipple and check for any secretions. Also notice wounds, visible lumps, or thickening of the skin.

Important Signs
Much is spoken of breast lumps as signs of cancer, undoubtedly a very important alert, but apart from them it is also important to note:

Breast changes





Thickening of the skin

Inverted nipple


Swollen armpits

Remember to make self-examination a monthly care ritual. The famous phrase: “Prevention is better than cure” makes a lot of sense in this case. Take care!

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