5 Simple Things To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier

5 Simple Things To Make Your Long Distance Relationship Easier
That each relationship is unique is a fact. But there are important tips on what can be done and can help you if you are in this situation. Here are 5 simple things that can make your distance relationship lighter and more enjoyable.

1. Communication
The communication is essential for those who are distant from each other. This is because as the near conviviality is not possible, it is a form of rapprochement between you. Speak as much as possible throughout the day, without interfering with their daily activities, obviously. It could be quick messages through WhatsApp, Skype or FaceTime conversations, email, even handwritten letters (if you want to be romantic and vary).

But this should be discussed between the couple and combined in the best way so that it does not interfere in the routine of any of you or that can cause any discomfort that damages the routine.

But what to talk about? Talk about all sorts of things, things that happened throughout the day (however trivial), important issues, problems, fears. The important thing is to share. And know each other’s routines. This facilitates communication and also “being present”, albeit from afar.

2. Do activities together, even if separated physically
When we are in a relationship we like to share some activities with our partner, do not we? So how about doing something like that, even from a distance? A therapist indicates some activities that can be done together: “watching the same television series, taking a photo or cooking course, practicing the same sport, etc.”

In addition to bringing a sense of closeness, it can serve as a way to bring matters in common, as well as be an activity to be performed when they are together.

3. Approach the family
In addition to demonstrating the seriousness of the commitment, keeping in touch with the couple’s family, will help if one party decides to move from one city to another. Having the family members of the partner is essential for this change in your life.

4. Present, even if the distance
Surprising is all good. And doing that when you are in a long distance relationship is critical. It does not have to be expensive, nor does it have a significant date. Sometimes a simple card, flowers, book, or any other object that has meaning make all the difference.

This gesture, besides being a show of affection, helps you to be present in the person’s life.

5. Strive to be together
Even if they get used to the miles that separate them, being close is too tasty, is not it? So work hard for it. Schedule ahead to enjoy holidays, keep an eye on air tickets, take advantage of frequent flyer programs. The important thing is to kill the longing whenever possible!

Taking a dating at a distance is fully possible, even in the long run. But it takes effort, commitment, and love on both sides to make it work.

When the nostalgia tightens, remember that sometimes it is also good to have a time just for you, that you can enjoy as you want: going out with friends or family, studying more, devoting to work, acquiring new hobbies, etc.

So what are your fears and experiences with this kind of relationship? Tell us in the comments! Share with us all you think about it!

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