3 steps to being a happy mother

3 steps to being a happy mother
There are mothers of many types. There is one who sheds tears of joy at every school homage on Mother’s Day, who feels something is wrong and then the phone rings asking her to attend school, which celebrates every conquest. Moms really are wonderful and their children owe their lives to them!

Often people do not realize the internal conflict in the heart of mothers. They do not know how to proceed on many occasions because nobody said it would happen. But they face and win the same way, always seeking the best for their children.

Cheerful, mothers love to see their children’s progress from the early months. They photograph, enjoy the moments and accompany their growth always smiling. But real happiness is only achieved if mothers follow these 3 steps:

1. Avoid comparison
By doing this, mothers avoid many problems. The habit of comparison when abolished allows mothers to feel more fulfilled and certain, after all each woman has her personality and each child her challenges. Comparisons always bring frustration and discouragement, because someone will always be better, even because the view we have of another person most of the time is unreal.

If it is to compare, let it be the person himself, evaluating his growth and improvement in the sectors of life. To help in the process of letting this habit aside is a tip is to exchange the comparison for admiration and gratitude.

2. Believing in yourself
Doubts, inexperiences, comments from other mothers can in fact cause disbelief in and of itself. What mothers could cultivate to overcome this obstacle would be positive thoughts about themselves and their attitudes as mothers.

Over time it may be that they realize that the decision at the time was not right, but that will be part of their growth as a person and will help their understanding. Believing that the better decision is the one she has made, in addition to following that first impression in times of quick decisions, will bring wisdom and improved vision about herself.

It may seem difficult at first, but it is worth taking up this challenge and being content with your actions and decisions.

3. Open to changes
Mothers try and often need to change their strategies and their way of seeing situations. Pediatricians and other specialists have a lot of experience and can greatly help with that problem that seems to be unique but actually quite common.

Advice from other mothers can also help. Changes are able to bring growth and the whole family will benefit. As a mother I had several times a discreet feeling that said: “Something is wrong, I need to act different.” Many transformations in children occur slowly even though the mother has completely changed.

There are no perfect mothers, but there are thousands of mothers in constant learning. Understanding what changes are necessary and accepting improvements in happiness will be easier to be present.

There are many other ways to be a happy mother and often the way this is achieved is very personal. Being a cheerful mother will bring security to the children and they will be infected.

The happiness that a mother transmits transforms the whole family and the problems of life are overcome in a more natural and calm.

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