3 Foods That Help Control Dandruff

3 Foods That Help Control Dandruff
In general, a diet rich in animal fat and sugars impairs the functioning of the glands of the body, including the sebaceous, contributing to the appearance of dandruff. Therefore, a healthy diet, with controlled consumption of red and sweetmeats, is the first step to avoid this problem.

For those who suffer from excessive scaling of the scalp, it is interesting to include some foods that contribute to the prevention of dandruff:

1. Orange
The white part of the orange, called pectin, is made up of fibers that help the body eliminate toxins, which in excess contribute to the increase of oiliness and the appearance of dandruff.

2. Ginger3-foods-that-help-control-dandruff
Ginger acts on digestion and, as a result, also helps fight dandruff. In addition, the antifungal and antibacterial properties of this root make it difficult to install these microorganisms on the scalp.

3. Sunflower seed3-foods-that-help-control-dandruff
Sunflower seeds are rich in zinc, which helps control the production of sebum. In addition, they provide vitamin B6, which is essential for the absorption of zinc by the gut and also for other metabolic processes, contributing to the health of the scalp.

If you feel that the problem is getting worse and your scalp is scratching, it is best to seek medical advice as it may be necessary to treat specific products to stop dandruff.

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