5 habits that can cause dandruff

5 habits that can cause dandruff
If there’s one nasty thing to do, then you realize that your black coat is full of little white dots that fell right out of your head … It’s the dreaded dandruff.

No one likes to show off these little nuts, but it’s important to know that they are not a sign of poor hygiene. In fact, dandruff is a consequence of the scaling of our scalp.

In general, a light and thin peeling is not a sign of problems, consisting only of the renewal of skin cells lining our head.

True dandruff appears when leather hair releases larger crusts, in an excessive scaling that characterizes a mild form of seborrheic dermatitis.

If this problem bothers your life too much, it is necessary to seek a dermatologist to see if there is any inflammation in your scalp. Meanwhile, check out our list with some habits that worsen this picture:

1. Wash your hair with very hot water
Water at a very high temperature can cause drying of the scalp, which will result in an increase in oil production and scaling of the cells in that region.

5 habits that can cause dandruff
Washing hair with hot water

This habit is more common in winter, when the cold weather makes us take hotter and longer baths, contributing to the aggravation of dandruff.

2. Leave residues of shampoo or conditioner in hair
The habit of not rinsing the shampoo or conditioner completely in the hope of controlling the volume of the yarn during the day may contribute to the appearance of dandruff as the yarns will become full of debris.

3. Apply hair combing creams to hair
Combing creams and other leave-in products should be applied only to the length of the hair, and never to the scalp.

When used in this region, these products increase the oiliness of the skin and leave a lot of accumulated waste, contributing to the increase of the desquamation.

4. Wash excess hair
As we said before, dandruff is not a sign of poor hygiene, and may even be a sign of excessive hair washes.

By subjecting the hair to an excess of hot water and shampoo, we end up removing all the natural oil from the scalp. As a result, the skin in this region can act in a rebound effect and further increase oil production, making dandruff worse.

5. Sleeping with wet hair

5 habits that can cause dandruff
Sleep with a wet hair

Habits like sleeping or tying wet hair also contribute to increased dandruff, as the scalp is muffled and does not dry right. Likewise, the constant use of caps, caps and hats can also accentuate this problem.

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