Amazing study reveals how to recover the immune system very fast

Amazing study reveals how to recover the immune system very fast
A strong immune system is one of the most important factors in leaving the body healthy and away from disease.

It is with him that the body fights against viruses and bacteria, thus preventing the onset of new diseases for the body.

One of the things that most weakens the immune system is the excessive consumption of unhealthy, industrialized foods that are getting stronger because of the modern way of life.

Recently, a group of scientists at the University of Southern California (USC), USA, devoted themselves to a study to find out how to improve and repair the immune system quickly and safely.

The study’s answer is very simple: with fasting.

Yes, fasting can greatly help you improve your immune system and fortify the defenses of your body. Amazing study reveals how to recover the immune system very fast

The study showed that a well-applied fasting will make you lose a few pounds, but will also strengthen your body’s defenses. And for this does not take many days, 4 to 8 days of fasting a year are enough to help your body.

According to the scientists, a fasting of 2 to 4 days, done once every six months, will awaken the stem cells and regenerate them.

Damaged cells will break down and new ones will be born, further improving the functioning of the body.

By passing the days of fasting, the body generates new blood cells and activates the nutrients.

If you have your immune system severely weakened by factors like chemotherapy or aging, fasting cycles can literally create a new immune system.

We did not know that prolonged fasting has the remarkable effect of promoting the regeneration of the hematopoietic system based on change cells, but thanks to research, now we know.

The study also proved that it can help in the negative effects of chemotherapy and restore the immune system of people who need treatment.

Many naturalist therapists indicate fasting as a positive health factor but remember that you should always check with your doctor and ask for an orientation to see if the procedure is right for your body.

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