Questions And Answers About Contraceptives

Questions And Answers About Contraceptives
Before opting for an injectable contraceptive method, it is important to know more details about it, its advantages, disadvantages, and risks.

Injectable contraceptive fattening?
Yes. Injectables have a greater amount of hormone, which increases fluid retention. So any woman who starts taking injections is liable to gain more weight, but this also varies greatly from organism to organism.

Will my menstrual cycle change with the injection?
It depends. In the monthly injection the person continues menstruating monthly. Already in the quarterly there is no menstruation.

Does the injection require the use of the condom?

To avoid sexually transmitted diseases, do not. The condom is still needed. But for contraception the injection is very effective.

I started taking the injection this month, I’m already protected?
Yes. Efficacy is the first time you take the injection.

When can I get pregnant after stopping the injections?
The monthly does not interfere with fertility. If you stopped taking, the following month you are back to the normal cycle and you already have chances of pregnancy in the next cycle. Already in the quarterly, after the interruption of the use, it can take from six months to a year for the woman to return to ovulate and to menstruate. Therefore it is only indicated in very specific cases.

I forgot to take it on the right day, is there any problem taking it late?

If you forget, you have up to three days to take it again without risk. In the quarterly it is even quieter, with a more flexible deadline.

If I want to interrupt menstruation, is there a way?
In the case of injection, there is no way to interrupt menstruation, because it is not indicated to apply more than one per month. If you do not want to menstruate, this is not a good method.

How long can I use injectable contraceptives?
There is no deadline for the use of the monthly injection. If you are feeling well, without contraindications, you can always use it. It can begin in adolescence and go to the premenopausal stage. But the quarterly can be applied for a maximum of three years because it can induce osteoporosis.

How much does each injection cost?
The monthly cost is around 30 reais, a much lower value if compared to other methods. According to the doctor, many women opt for injection because of the cost. The quarterly leaves for about 40 reais, is even cheaper.

It is important to note that only a doctor can evaluate each case and prescribe the best contraceptive method in order to avoid damages to health.

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