3 ways to get ear wax

3 ways to get ear wax
Excess wax from the ear can be removed with medicines that soften the cerumen, using a syringe to make a kind of a home-made wash, or with the Chinese cone, a millenarian treatment.

A good tip to prevent the buildup of wax inside the ear is to let the water run in and out of the ear while bathing, wiping with a towel to follow. It is not recommended to use swabs or other sharp objects such as a pen cap, clips, or keys to try to remove the ear wax because the swab is too large and pushes excess wax into the ear canal and because other objects can puncture the eardrum, causing infections or even hearing loss.

The 3 ways to take ear wax are:
1. Ear wax remedies
The Cerumin remedy is best known for softening the ear wax, making it easier to remove. This medicine can be purchased at any pharmacy without a prescription, but it should only be used under medical indication because it should not be used in case of ear infection, which is manifested by an earache, fever and bad smell in this region if there is pus.

Other ways to take ear wax are by using saline, baby oil or other mineral or vegetable oil. Simply drip up to 5 drops of one of these oils into the clogged ear and cover with cotton so they can act for about 15 minutes, soothing the wax naturally.

2. Wash the ear with serum
A great way to get wax from the ear, very effectively, is:

Apply 5 drops of saline solution at room temperature with a dropper.

Hold the top of the ear by pulling it up.

Throw a small stream of serum into the ear using a syringe (no needlestick and a soft tip) or a nasal cleanser for children.

Turning the head sideways and letting the dirty water out, if the wax is coming out you can try to pick it up with tweezers, but be very careful not to push the wax in and not to hurt the ear canal.

3. Dry the ear with a soft towel or with a hair dryer.

Homemade whey may be substituted for baby oil, mineral oil or sweet almond oil, for example.

If it is not possible to remove the ear wax after 3 attempts, it is recommended to go to the otolaryngologist for a professional cleaning because this doctor has the necessary equipment to visualize the inside of the ear canal and to remove the wax safely and efficiently.

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