Uric Acid: Symptoms, Exams And Help For You

Uric Acid: Symptoms, Exams And Help For You
Uric acid is a substance formed by the body through the decomposition of purine present in some foods such as meat, beans or seafood.

Generally, uric acid causes no problem and is easily eliminated by the kidneys, but when there is a kidney problem, for example, uric acid can accumulate in the tissues, giving rise to gout and causing inflammation and pain in the joints.

The uric acid has cured, because its imbalances can be controlled by a balanced diet rich in water and low in many foods with proteins.

Uric Acid Test
The uric acid test is usually ordered by the doctor when the patient has joint pain or when there are suspicions of more serious diseases, such as kidney damage or leukemia.

The uric acid test can be done by examining the blood or by analyzing the urine, and the reference values ​​are:

Reference value of uric acid in blood:
Woman: 2.4 – 6.0 mg / dL

Male: 3.4 – 7.0 mg / dL

Reference value of uric acid in urine:
Male and female: 0.24 – 0.75 g / day.

The most common is that the patient’s values ​​are above the reference values ​​and, therefore, treatment for high uric acid should be started. More rare is the appearance of low uric acid because it is related to congenital problems such as Wilson’s disease.

Symptoms of high uric acid
Uric Acid – Symptoms, Exams and How to Download
The main symptoms of high uric acid are pain, swelling, redness and difficulty moving a joint, especially in the fingers, knees, ankles, heels and toes.

In addition, a common symptom and high uric acid is the constant appearance of kidney stones, which cause severe pain in the back and difficulty urinating, for example.

How To Treat High Uric Acid
Treatment for high uric acid should be guided by a rheumatologist, but usually includes the use of uric acid remedies such as Allopurinol, Probenecid, or Sulfinpyrazone, and the use of anti-inflammatories such as Indomethacin or Ibuprofen to relieve pain in the Articulations.

During treatment, it is also very important to eat a diet for uric acid, avoiding avoiding the consumption of foods rich in purine, such as red meats, fish and seafood, as well as giving preference to natural foods rather than industrialized ones.

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