11 common habits Of people who rarely get sick

11 common habits Of people who rarely get sick
From time to time, the human body is affected by some kind of illness, malaise or condition that causes it to work differently. In some cases, we need specific remedies and medical treatments, to give that accelerated healing process.

Some people, however, get sick at a much lower frequency, and you can possibly think of someone else in your life who rarely gets the flu or gets some kind of infection, right?

The question is: why does this happen? Why are so many people out there who seem to run into health problems often while some people are living with a medicine kit in tow?

In many cases, genetic predispositions or chronic diseases come into question, of course, and there is not much to be done. In others, what contributes greatly to the appearance or not of some diseases is undoubtedly the lifestyle of each one.

While some habits give us more sense of well-being, disposition and more endurance, others end up causing fatigue, compromising the functioning of our immune system and, of course, leaving the door open for the development of some diseases. If you are interested in improving your quality of life in general, check out some of the following habits that are among those that make people rarely sick:

1. Make sleep a priority
Okay, we know it’s hard to keep work, home, studies, friendships, relationships, gym and all your activities up to date, without this meaning you have to sleep less. Still, you need to take care of your sleep routine with caution, so your immune system will not pay the price.

When we get a little sleep, we end up having a better chance of getting colds, you know? Sleeping for at least six hours will make your hormones balance and make your body work without suffering.

2. Practice physical activities
When we put the body in motion, our immune system starts to work better, and this avoids various diseases. What’s more, physical activity improves the function of the lungs and airways, eliminating bacteria that may be trapped and encouraging antibodies to circulate through the body. Practicing exercises also decreases the production of cortisol, which is the estrogen hormone.

3. Do not spend large breaks without eating
Eating from time to time and ensuring that foods eaten are rich in vitamins and minerals is critical for the body to function well. A very restricted diet leaves our body susceptible to the flu and makes us take even longer to get rid of the virus.

4. Avoiding sugar
The excess of sweets in the diet, which is what happens when we eat a lot of sugar and carbohydrate, ends up making our blood vessels more prone to inflammation. The ideal is to avoid consuming more than 100 grams of sugar per day.

5. Do yoga
The practice of this type of physical activity improves the functioning of the immune system and, consequently, sends some diseases away. Yoga helps us make better decisions and think about our bodies and our health more carefully, which is always a good thing.

6. Consume little alcoholic beverage
Occasionally it is normal to consume some kind of alcoholic beverage, but we must moderate it, even because the excess of alcohol in the body is something that compromises our immunity.

7. Have sex
Having sex often (and using a condom, of course!) Is something that reduces your body’s chance of getting colds, you know? This is because regular sexual activity increases levels of immunoglobulin A, an antibody that keeps us free of colds.

8. Walking and catching the sun
Spending your time around your neighborhood or around the office at lunchtime is a great idea, even as it helps increase levels of vitamin D, which is an essential nutrient for the functioning of your immune system. What’s more, the contact with nature and the smells it has is something that has a relaxing effect and helps us to reduce stress levels.

9. Spending more time with friends
Finding friends, talking, laughing and having fun with them is also a way to take care of your health, to improve immunity and to keep the cold from coming on, you know? So maybe it’s time to make that galley meeting, huh!

10. Think positively
Healthy people tend to see the good side of things and learn from the hassles of life. Having a more optimistic attitude lowers your blood pressure, improves heart health, protects your body from some viruses and improves your mental health. Why not change the way you see things in life, then?

11. Drinking tea
Teas do good to the body and help us avoid some types of infection by improving the immune system’s performance and attacking bacteria, viruses, and fungi that dare to approach. What’s more, drinking tea is a way to keep your body hydrated and functioning normally.

If you understand correctly, all these habits are relatively easy to implant in your routine. It does not mean that you should start having them from now on, but rather you can think of them lovingly and try to insert each into your routine, bit by bit. Surely your health will thank you!

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