Look At The 3 Reasons Why Your Spouse Always Leave You

Look At The 3 Reasons Why Your Spouse Always Leave You
One looks at the other, or sometimes even lack the courage to look into the eyes of so much heartache in the heart! One stops talking about what he thought to say that he could certainly have put an end to that discussion immediately.

The other thinks about sending a text message apologizing, but oh, it was not even that serious! The other thinks about giving a tight hug, but can not and ends up letting it go … These are common everyday events in relationships.

It is these decisions that seem simple and of little value that determine the level of closeness or withdrawal of a couple.

A Psychologist teaches that problems when they are at the peak of issues to be resolved need to be resolved, we should never postpone more than 48 hours a conversation About some event that bothered us.

1. Missing union
Many couples are unfortunately giving up living a life full of opportunities to increase the union more and more, but only “survive” a life with the other person.

Your spouse really needs to be your best friend. You need to make it a goal to be achieved. Your secrets, fears, fears, desires, dreams, your future, need to be focused on complete partnership with your spouse. There is no other important person to know and know more about you than your partner.

2. Missing the fun
Couples who can enjoy themselves, whether in joy or sadness, certainly can also become people who are closer to each other. Laughing may not always be the best remedy, but it helps to heal!

Like union, fun is created and realized through friendship. For this reason the expert already mentioned, Osmar Reis Junior, teaches that couples need to go out together at least once a week.

However, these “little things” need to be fulfilled for purposes. Both should enjoy the places that the couple will attend (can take turns weekly choices). The conversations should be light and cheerful, relaxed, fun, can even talk about problems in a funny way, yes it is possible, try!

Missing comprehension
As a mediator of family conflicts, in my work, I often realize that if only the husband or wife, in certain life situations, could exert a little more understanding on the other, everything would be all right.

This understanding can appear when we decide to improve our dialogue as a couple when I choose to listen to my spouse’s feelings and try to understand why he or she acts like that or a roast.

Perhaps one of the most important things we need to learn as a person is to know how to talk, be it with your spouse, your children, your boss, etc. People who reach a certain maturity know that words are very precious and should be used right now, on the spot, and in the right way, so that they can be valued by the listener.

We allied the union, the fun and finally the understanding, and formed a bond of friendship. These three things can strengthen your marital relationship, or the lack of them may weaken the feelings or the love you have once built.

Strive to keep your marriage a priority, your spouse the person you want to share moments, conversations, sufferings and a lifetime together.

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