Some food allergy considerations parents need to know

Some food allergy considerations parents need to know
It is increasingly common for babies’ parents to find out that their children have a type of food allergy. Allergy is different from lactose intolerance and can pose serious health risks to the baby. Milk protein allergy is one of the most common.

The immune system of the child, still in formation, considers milk protein an enemy and reacts aggressively to eliminate your enemy. So occur vomiting, diarrhea, bloody stools and skin rashes. especially extreme cases with walnuts, peanuts and seafood can lead to anaphylaxis-threatening.

Allergic and intolerant individuals are increasingly common in society. It is estimated that half of the entire world population has at least one type of allergy or food intolerance. They usually manifest themselves in early childhood, especially when cow’s milk and other foods that complement breastfeeding are introduced.

Doctors and nutritionists encourage exclusive breastfeeding by 6 months to prevent early contact with milk protein, egg, wheat flour and other foods that can cause allergies.

Some explanations for the excess of allergic babies would be the cesarean delivery in large numbers, because the baby ends up having no contact with the microbial flora of the mother that he would have been born by a vaginal delivery. Their immunity gets restricted and this can be the cause of the high incidence of food allergies. The genetic factor also influences a lot.

From the moment the child is diagnosed with the allergy a sudden change in the family begins to happen. Food is replaced and the whole family usually changes habits. Parents learn to read labels and phrases as they contain traces of milk are enough to reject the product.

Family parties and get-togethers are a reason for great supervision of the child in relation to foods left for free-choice, such as milk-based sweets and many other products. It is not an easy task, but anyone who has gone through this knows that much worse than being supervised is the rush afterwards for the body to recover from the protein ingested.

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