Practical and creative ideas for organizing underwear

Practical and creative ideas for organizing underwear
Is your underwear drawer a mess? Know that you are not alone. Keeping the pieces in order in the drawer can be a challenge. After all, the formats do not cooperate with the conventional ways of folding clothes, everything leaves the place when the drawer is opened and locating a specific part requires time and great search skills.

But changing that picture is not as complicated as it may seem. There are simple, practical, and inexpensive ways to eliminate the mess and organize the underwear so that everything stays in place.

In addition to being able to find what you are looking for without much effort, an organized drawer can provide longer durability for a few pieces – bulging and more structured bras, for example, will look brand-new for longer if kept carefully and without kneading.

When it comes to putting the organization into practice, start by separating what you no longer use and leave in the closet only what is really useful. With the volume of items checked, putting the undergarments in order can be arranged with organizers, shoe boxes, drawers partitions or simply with different techniques of folding the pieces.

1. With drawer organizers
The organizers of drawer are very practical: just put in the drawer and fill the spaces with socks, panties and bras without bulge. You can find them to buy in different sizes and materials and arrange as you see fit – by color, model or part type.

2. With pots or boxes
Pots or boxes can be great allies at the time of organizing underwear and are very simple to achieve: you can use shoe box, food, plastic jars you already have at home, etc. You can separate your pieces as you see fit and place them in different boxes inside the drawers.

3. With PVC pipe
Using PVC pipe is a way to organize malleable parts at low cost. Just cut the barrel in the right size for your drawer and arrange them as you see fit, in the amount needed to accommodate all items. To keep the bra bundle intact, set aside a space in the drawer to fold. An alternative to adapt this idea is to replace the PVC pipe with glasses.

4. With folded bulge
Bras with bulge are delicate pieces to store. To avoid damaging them, one of the ways to store and fold the piece in half, with a bulge inside the other. Organizers with narrower partitions are ideal for this type of organization.

5. With open bulge
If the bra is more structured, the best way to keep it is open. For this, you will need more space and as a result, will get free of dents and ply marks. In organizers with wider partitions or in the undivided drawer, simply row all the open parts together.

6. On hangers
Great alternative for anyone who has closet space! Hanging the bras on hangers is one more way to save them without folds, in a very visible way and still have the bonus of leaving more free space in the drawer.

7. With everything folded
Even without organizers or partitions, it is possible to have a drawer organized. Keeping the panties folded and lined up, for example, is a good way to keep everything in place and helps a lot in the quick visualization of the pieces.

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