Practical Tips On How To Organization and store Your Cloths

Practical Tips On How To Organization and store Your Cloths
1. To keep clothes with bulge: To store blouses and dresses with bulge without damaging the pieces, never hang them! The best thing to do is to fold the piece in half, fit one bulge inside the other and continue folding the clothes until exactly the size of the bulge. Then you just have to keep it standing in the drawer.

2. Gaining room in the suitcase: When the suitcase does not close with the classic sitting on top to force the zipper, it’s time to look for other means of gaining space. By putting the clothes in bags that close in the vacuum (preferably with the help of the vacuum cleaner) you can pack the size and take more things!

3. To store leather and suede clothing: if well cared for, leather and suede pieces may be your companions for a long time. When storing, hang them in wooden or plastic hangers and protect them with a TNT cover, always keeping them in places that are not exposed to light.

4. Keep Pantyhose: To ensure that pantyhose is secured to objects that can break the threads, it is best to keep the piece inside bags with ziploc closure. Tough, the packaging will protect the sock from sharp objects.

5. Saving documents: all caution may be short on storing important documents. To keep them always dry and without folds, wrap them tightly and wrap them with a paper towel.

6. Protect white clothes: Have you ever had the tedious experience of getting a white outfit in the closet and realizing that it is yellowish? Even clean, the white fabric may turn yellowish because of the incidence of light. To protect the part, store it wrapped in tissue paper or blue TNT.

7. Save Christmas Lights: If at any Christmas season you spend more time untangling the lights than decorating the house, this is a very simple trick that avoids curling. Wrap the wire in a piece of cardboard and store the ornaments in boxes.

8. Potentiate Plastic Hangers: To prevent clothes from slipping from the hangers in the closet, just zigzag with hot glue on the sides of the object. The dry glue will offer greater support to the fabrics!

9. Organizing Towels in the Bathroom: In small bathrooms or used by many people, it can be difficult to make room for organizing towels around the world. To optimize space, install up to three towel racks vertically – it can be on a wall or behind the door.

10. Attach plastic bag to bin: if your bin is made of metal or stainless steel, plastic bags are likely to be slipping. To keep them in place put several magnets in the mouth of the bag, out of the bin.

11. ??Arrange trinkets in the drawer: no one needs a sophisticated organizer to keep the jewelry without mess in the drawer. Improvise the storage with paper candy jars, ice shapes or cupcake shapes!

12. Organize home appliance wires: so you do not have to deal daily with the wires of loose and tangled appliances by the cabinet, the solution is simple. Stick one velcro sticker on the plug and another on the device. When storing, wrap the cord in the appliance and attach the two parts of the velcro to keep everything in place.

13. Storing carpets: The best way to store a rug is curling – in addition to avoiding marks, you save space. In a PVC pipe or in an all pool noodle, wrap the rug with face facing inward along the length.

14. Identify Keys: If your bunch of keys is too crowded and you always get confused when opening the locks, a good trick is to paint the head of the keys with enamels of different colors. This makes it easier to associate color with the correct door!

15. Arrange Cups in the Cupboard: Are you running out of space in the cupboard to store cups? It is possible to improvise a shelf using a tray! Over a row of cups, place a tray and then stack one more row of cups. Line the tray with EVA to prevent the cups from slipping.

Now you have this useful tips, try and practise them, then get back to us.

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