5 Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Silver Pieces

5 Easy and Cheap Ways to Clean Silver Pieces
Almost everyone has some silver at home. It is present in cutlery, jewelry, rings, bowls, trays and even in musical instruments, among other products.

Silver is a very beautiful and shiny metal that gives a sense of clarity, purity and refinement. But any silver object needs some special attention in the care and a periodic cleaning to maintain all its vitality and brightness.

Over time, even the best quality silver may darken and its recesses will gain a dark coloration, such as a grime, or stains that spread across the surface. This happens because of exposure to air, which carries dust, and the moisture that causes oxidation.

However, cleaning the silver is simpler than it may seem and if the storage is also careful, you do not have to worry about cleaning for a long time.

Some specific products for the cleaning of silver are for sale in markets or specialized stores. But for those who want to clean without spending too much, there are some homemade recipes that achieve results as good or better than specialty products. Leave your new-looking silverware using these ingredients and simple tricks:

1. Toothpaste
The toothpaste is one of the oldest trinkets that, although strange, works really. In its composition, the toothpaste often carries baking soda or other abrasive components, great for cleaning and for brightening. Use the common white folders.

Step by step: Always use a soft sponge or brush. If you do not, you may prefer to use a cloth to avoid scratches. Gently rub the silver pieces with the toothpaste. Then wash them with soap and water to remove any leftovers and let them dry. You can also use a flannel or soft cloth to polish and leave the silver even brighter.

2. Sodium bicarbonate
Baking soda is the perfect tool for cleaning silver objects. But beware: do not use this method for high value parts, as baking soda is very abrasive and can wear the shallower layer of silver, but nothing that will damage the piece. You can use this product in two ways:

Baking and water cleaning: Use baking soda mixed with water. Using sponge, brush or soft cloth, wipe the entire surface of the object, wash and ready.

Boiling water bath with baking soda: For small pieces like earrings, cords, cleats, fasteners etc., mix a teaspoon of baking soda powder in a pan with half a liter of water, soak the pieces and take to the stove. Let it boil, turn off the heat and keep the pieces dipped in the solution for a few minutes.

They come out with little effort. For a brighter effect, polish parts with a soft cloth or flannel. Caution: Do not leave the parts in the solution for more than a few minutes. If you spend too much time, the silver can be eroded and lose its natural shine. Following these instructions will come out perfect!

The simplest recipe made with the easiest ingredient to have at hand. Salt is also abrasive and recommended for various types of cleaning. For silver cleaning, you will only need a container and hot water.

Step by step: Leave the pieces of sauce in a container with hot water and salt. After a while, the dark parts will lighten naturally. Then just wash with water and dry thoroughly.

4. Aluminum foil
This tip is mainly for the silver pieces with more details and more difficult cracks to access with sponges or cloths. The foil reacts with water and returns the full brightness of the parts.

Step by step: place the pieces in a container with boiling water and add pieces of foil. Let it boil for about twenty minutes or when the silver clears. Wait a few minutes until the parts are clear, remove, rinse under running water and dry thoroughly, polishing with a soft cloth if you want brighter.

5. Banana peel
This wonderful fruit is not just for eating! The banana peel also has several uses, including silver and metal polish.

Step by step: Just rub the inside of the banana peel into the pieces to be polished and then polish with a clean soft cloth.

All of these tips really work and are very simple to do. But never lose attention to the details as the time of action of each product. Even products sold in specialty shops can damage parts if used improperly.

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