10 products with an expiration date but nobody knows

10 products with an expiration date but nobody knows
It is very easy to see when a food has passed its expiration date: it assumes other shapes, colors and smells. We are always checking these dates, whether at home or in the aisles of the supermarket, as they are well stamped on the packaging of the products.

However, there are some items that, although they do not have an expiration date, also lose their effects and properties over time.

Attention: it is important for you to know what these objects are! Eyelash masks and razors, for example, can develop various bacteria after a time of use. Sunscreen, on the other hand, simply stops protecting your skin when its validity has already expired, which can lead to burns.

Check out the list we have prepared and take a good look at the things you have in your home. Is not it time to make some substitutions?

1. Spices
The shelf life of dry seasonings will depend on how they are stored and what types they are. After a while they may gradually lose their taste. On average, this period is from 2 to 3 years.

2. Fire extinguisher
You do not want to compromise your safety or your family, do you? Most fire extinguishers do not expire for a time that can go from 5 to 15 years depending on their type. However, cracks in the hose or pressure problems can affect its operation. It is important to check these details regularly.

3. Bath Sponges
Because of its humidity and lack of lighting, the bathroom is often the ideal place for the growth of bacteria. In bath sponges this is no different. It is recommended that you make substitutions every month at the most. And remember to sanitize and dry the sponges you already have in use – if possible daily.

4. Running Shoes
In sports it is important that you have a shoe that dampens your body weight and does not cause injury. After reaching a certain amount of mileage – between 400 and 500 km -, the sneakers begin to lose this resistance, which can mean an additional burden to their joints, being harmful.

5. Sunscreen
After contact with water, sand and greasy hands, the sunscreen wrapping can erase the expiration date. So it’s good to know when you bought the product: the properties that protect your skin from the sun’s rays last up to three years, and can vary from brand to brand.

6. Lipsticks
Yes, our precious makeup also has expiration dates. Keep an eye on eyelash masks and lipsticks. Bacteria can be created in open mascara tubes in just over three months. The lipsticks usually change their consistency after two years. You know: if they have a different smell and strange texture, do not use it anymore.

7. Alcoholic beverages
Unlike wines, which grow older over time, alcoholic beverages that remain closed will not change. However, open bottles begin to suffer changes in taste after one year. One tip is to keep the bottles – both open and closed – in a refrigerated place.

8. Bleach
Sanitary water and cleaning products, in general, begin to have power loss after three months. This is not a problem for house cleaning, but it is worth remembering that the power disinfectant will no longer be the same.

9. Disposable Blades
As the name suggests, the blades used for shaving and depilation are disposable. But you know after how much time of use? Players to watch: to prevent proliferation of bacteria, the ideal is to use a blade a week – or change every three or four uses. And, moreover, avoid using the same blade as other people.

10. Insect Repellent
Very useful, especially in periods of high temperatures and vacations, repellents lose their effectiveness about two years after their date of manufacture. Do not let the insects beat you, have you noted when you bought the product!

A good tip is for you to keep a file – it can be on your cell phone or on your computer – with the date you purchased your products and what shelf life is suggested for them.

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