5 Greatest Bridal Concerns on the Wedding Day and 5 Greatest Concerns of the Bride and Groom

5 Greatest Bridal Concerns on the Wedding Day and 5 Greatest Concerns of the Bride and Groom
Wedding day is a historic day for the couple. It’s a dream come true. However, this special day brings headaches, insomnia and a lot of worry! Yes, this is normal, dear bride and groom. But do not fail to enjoy every moment because of the worries that haunt them.

Here are the top five bridal concerns, and the five biggest concerns of the bride and groom, and see that this is not just you.

1. Dress
Since I was little I tried to imagine what my wedding dress would look like, I lost count of how many times I decided what the model would be and after a while I changed my mind. The dress is essential part for the bride’s day, it should be breathtaking! And yes, the bride’s dress gives a lot of headache.

Adjustments here, adjustments there, zipper hard to close, … so many worries! And what if I rip at the time I wear it? What if the zipper stuck? Yes, my friend, I understand you. But everything works out!

2. Decoration
Whether it is a simple ceremony, a dinner with friends and close relatives or even a big event, decorating is an essential part of a wedding. The bride wants the decoration to express the love and happiness of the moment.

And while the decorators are great trusted friends, the concern is even greater when the bride will only see the result at the time of the ceremony.

3. Photos
The big day passes in the blink of an eye, and all that will remain will be the memories. The photos are the physical memories that we can show them to our relatives, friends, and a day for our children. That’s why we care about the photos! We will look at them all our lives!

4. Unforeseen
If you marry outdoors, unforeseen events are a major concern. And if it rains? What if there is a wind? What if a hurricane goes by and takes my fiancé away from me?

Friend, leave the “what if …” there! Enjoy every second of your wedding preparation. The day will be beautiful! But, of course, choose the date according to good times to make your wedding outdoors, and have a Plan B at hand. A cautious woman is worth two.

5. Ceremony
We plan the ceremony in the smallest details: the right time for each event, the length of time, the order of the entries, the songs, the lights and special effects … But … And if you’re crazy at the DJ and he plays Wrong music? What if people forget the script? Again, sweetheart, I tell you: forget the “what if …”. Believe me, not everything happens as planned, because it gets better!

Bride and Groom
1. Honeymoon
No research is needed to state that it is scientifically proven that grooms are most concerned is with the honeymoon! And no, he will not spend hours browsing the internet searching restaurants and sights, he will be very busy searching the hotels.

2. Money
According to many brides of a group about marriage and engagement on Facebook, one of the groom’s biggest concerns is the financial one. He wants to be able to provide his beloved everything they dreamed together for the big day, so he is afraid he will not be able to.

3. House
The groom also wants to make sure that everything will be ready until the wedding, even more if the house is under construction or in the process of adjustments.

4. Guests
The expectation of the groom is not that everything happens as planned, in reality, most of the time, the planning is in charge of the bride in conjunction with the ceremonialist, while the groom only watches planning. The groom wants it to be a special moment, and it does not matter to him whether the songs will play at the right time (he will not even pay attention to it).

His concern, then, is whether his friends and family will be present on this day honoring this special moment. He will be frustrated if a friend or close relative is not present.

5. Bride
Everyone knows that the great attraction of a wedding is the bride. She is the one who had the highest expectations, yearnings, dreams, worries and so many other mixed feelings until the wedding day arrives, so when the day comes, it shines! And the groom loves to see this glow that belongs to his beloved wife. He wants to see her satisfied, smiling, laughing at nothing. He wants this day to be magical for her.

And you, have concerns that were not mentioned here? Tell us!

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