5 golden tips for having a toned and beautiful bust

5 golden tips for having a toned and beautiful bust
Creams, exercises, accessories and food. Stages of a ritual fundamental to the achievement of a single goal: to have a toned and beautiful bust.

With the arrival of the children and as time passes, the accordion effect becomes routine and the sedentarism takes care of our lives.

Thus, it is common for the breasts to lose muscle tone and become flaccid. Therefore, it takes a lot of care to delay this process or even reverse sagging.

Here are 5 golden tips for having a toned and beautiful bust and turn, once and for all, your body for the better.

1 – To have a beautiful and toned bust do not open the bra’s hand
If early on your breasts are supported with a suitable bra, the lower the chances of problems with sagging in the future.

So do not let go of your bra and see what size and shape are best for your breasts, big or small. To have a toned and beautiful bust do not open the bra’s hand

Those with bulge are the ones that offer the most support.

Also adjust the straps so that the bra is neither tight nor loose on the body, otherwise the use of the part will not take effect. Already during sleep, if you find it very uncomfortable to wear the bra, wear a top or a bulge sweater. Pressing a pillow against the bust also helps.

2. Be careful about your posture
Posture is key to make your bust look toned and beautiful. The posture, however it does not seem at first, is key to make your bust look toned and beautiful.

Staying upright while walking or sitting is essential to achieving this goal, so stay tuned. Walking bent or bending over the table at work for long hours is extremely damaging, not only for the firmness of your breasts, but also for your spine.

The correct thing is always to stay with hips and shoulders embedded and aligned to the trunk and head straight.

3. Exercise
One of the simplest ways to have a toned and beautiful bust is to maintain a balanced routine of physical activities .

Working the area with localized exercises, at least three times a week, is the key to having your bust have more muscle tone and, therefore, get firmer.

You can do the exercises at home using only 2 dumbbells of 2 pounds each.

One suggestion is the slanted crucifix.

Sit on a bench and lean your torso forward, leaving your chest almost against your thighs.

Make a movement of opening and closing the arms, without flexing the elbow.

Three sets of 15 repetitions per day are sufficient.

In the gym, the most recommended exercises are straight bench press, inclined bench with halter, inverted crucifix, paddling and peck deck.

You can also adapt these exercises to make them at home.

Aerobic exercises and sports are also welcome, especially swimming, water aerobics, tennis and rowing.

4 – Hydrate your skin
A very simple ritual like hydration can make all the difference when it comes to conquering a toned and beautiful bust.

Although often, slapping that slack in a moisturizer on the body, applying firm lotions to the breasts after bathing and using a good exfoliating soap once a week, will leave the skin on your lap soft, invigorated and much more beautiful.

Alternate the use of the moisturizer with almond oil, massaging each sinus in circular movements from the bottom up.

Water is also a great moisturizer.

Cold water jets will invigorate the skin on your bust and help to firm it.

Procedures like this, but deeper, are performed in aesthetic centers.

Reserve a space in your pocket and in the calendar to make hydrations, massages, whirlpools, thalassotherapy and exfoliations in specialized clinics.

You will quickly notice the difference.

5 – Maintain a healthy and balanced diet
Healthy food to have a beautiful and toned bust

The accordion effect is one of the main factors for the breasts to become flabby, as the breasts become fat when they get fat, and when they lose weight, they tend to sag.

Therefore, healthy and balanced diet is part of the process to have a toned and beautiful bust.

Always opt for dietary re-education, which makes you lose weight gradually, rather than the radical diets that open the breach for the accordion effect.

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