9 definite signs that you are in love with the right person

9 definite signs that you are in love with the right person
Have you, a man or a woman, been euphoric lately, with a fast heart, can not sleep or eat right, and above all, can not get a person out of his head? I have news to give you – and you probably already know: these are clear signs that you are in love. But did he fall in love with the right person? Is this relationship really worth it?

Here are 9 signs that you should continue in this relationship because you have found the right person!

1. There are other types of attraction present, besides physical
Besides physical attraction, there is emotional, spiritual and intellectual attraction between you. Beauty one day ends, and what will keep you together are these things so or more important.

2. Do you feel great admiration for him – and vice versa
You are in love with someone you consider educated, studious, hard-working, friendly, honest, and so forth. If you can identify several qualities in it, then you have reason to admire it. Admiration is essential to building a stable and lasting relationship where there is true love. For the relationship to be worthwhile, the admiration needs to be reciprocal.

3. You combine and have fun together
No matter what style of couple you form – intellectual, homely, sportsman or who loves to travel – the important thing is that you enjoy doing things together. This is crucial for fellowship among you.

Of course you may like one or the other that the other does not like and will want to do some things alone – it is important to preserve individuality – but when one loves doing only things that another hates, it will eventually generate dissatisfaction and will cause wear and tear Relationship.

4. You share the same faith
It may seem silly to those who are not active in a religion, but to those who live according to the precepts of their faith, this is vital. Many future problems are avoided when embarking on a serious relationship with someone of the same faith.

Even if you are of the same faith, do not fail to ask for divine confirmation for your choice.

5. Do you have common goals
It is very important to relate to someone who has life goals compatible with ours. This includes work, education, marriage, children, among others.

No doubt it will be frustrating for a scholar to remain in a relationship with a young man who does not like to study and does not want to progress in life, or for a boy who aims to form a family, but the girlfriend does not want to “ruin the body” with motherhood.

At the beginning of the relationship, when passion dims their eyesight, it can make no difference. But in a short time it will become a torment for both.

6. There is balance and respect between you
Physical and verbal aggression, bouts of jealousy, fits of rage and other examples of emotional imbalance and disrespect are not part of your routine – well, on the contrary, is it something you both abhor? But if you experience this from time to time, it’s time to rethink this relationship, because if you get married, the scenery will be much, much more frightening.

7. You Do not Require Perfection of One Another
Ah, tolerance … This is perhaps the greatest difficulty of the human being, to accept the whole package: qualities and failures of the loved one. When I say flaws, I do not mean flaws in character. No one is obliged to accept lies, betrayal, dishonesty, violence. I refer to the common faults of every human.

A good exercise to become more tolerant is to list your own faults. You will realize how lucky you are to have someone so tolerant by your side. Tolerance is a necessary and healthy exchange.

Wait, the other is not tolerant of you? So you need to find who you are. Staying with a critical and intolerant person will profoundly affect your peace and self-esteem.

8. You ask forgiveness when you err and apologize promptly
Demonstrating repentance, asking for forgiveness, and forgiving promptly are perhaps the greatest emotional treasures of a couple. It’s the ability to fix what’s spoiled that will get you both together and experience a “happily ever after” in the relationship.

It is very easy for you to turn your back and get angry when you are hurt, or pretend that nothing happened when you hurt yourself, but is repenting, asking for forgiveness and forgiving that it will make it worth the life that is living.

9. The other is as engaged in the relationship as you are
You realize that he demonstrates a level of dedication in the relationship compatible with yours. Demonstrates to like you as much as you do. That is, you have no doubt that you are loved.

If this is the way your relationship is going, congratulations, you are in this together! They are the right people for each other.

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