14 signs that you are a perfect woman in the eyes of your husband

14 signs that you are a perfect woman in the eyes of your husband
I recently asked my Facebook friends to list the greatest qualities of their women, qualities that make them perfect women in their eyes. Some of them left the answer in the comments. Others, more timid or reserved, sent it through Messenger. But one of them had so much good to say about the beloved, who sent me three audios of nearly a minute each, to tell me, in detail, three of his best attributes. It was very exciting to hear what each of them had to say!

Note: Because some of them gave very similar answers, I merged them into a single point. So many of the sentences below are joins of two or more statements.

1. She is able to love me more than I love myself
Love is not something to feel in silence. It is important to transform the verb “to love” into an action to be practiced constantly. As long as there is no demonstration of love, the other will not know that he is loved. It is important that he be reminded of this every day.

2. She cares about me and shows me taking good care of me
Men love to be cared for and pampered by their wives. It’s something they value a lot.

3. She cares about the well-being of our family.
Men love when their women take seriously their role of mother and, when appropriate, of housewife. Vibram with the love they give their children, with their ability to discipline them and keep the house in order.

One of the men who said that, one of those days, videotaped a sink full of dishes to encourage husbands to show their love for their wives through service. They not only recognize every sacrifice they make for the family, but admit their share of responsibility for the cleanliness and organization of the home.

4. She is independent
Men love when their women care for their intellect, emotional, health. People who really invest in themselves.

5. Is determined and determined
They love to see that their women have goals in life and struggle to reach them. They are proud of them and support them in their projects.

6. Is smart and has strong opinion
Men are very attracted to women of personality and insight, above all when they use these attributes wisely.

7. She is honest
Men feel happy and secure because they can trust the woman at their side.

8. She is my accomplice
They expect to find in his wife a companion, his best friend, partner for all moments.

9. It’s funny, it has a contagious joy
Men want the good humor, joy and lightness that won them at first to accompany their women throughout their lives.

10. Your generosity and ability to serve others are moving
What good man will not admire and get thrilled with his wife when she hurts herself, devotes time, donates her talents and other resources to help those who need her?

11. She stands firm for every challenge she faces.
Women who do not let themselves down easily, who persevere in times of adversity, are a great support for their husbands and for the whole family. Men feel very safe alongside women like that.

12. She makes time to go out alone
Men love these moments alone with their women, to talk and to date, something fundamental to keep the flame of love always on and the channel of communication open.

13. She loves God above all else, even more than she loves me.
This husband said that when he does something that does not agree with what the Lord expects of him, his wife never runs a hand over his head. Instead, she calls him to repentance, and always does so with much love.

Because of her wisdom and faith, she has the ability to make him see his own mistakes, even when they are imperceptible to him. He feels very blessed because this has helped him a lot in his progress and the perfection of both, as a couple.

14. She is beautiful.
Most of these men have been married for several years or decades with ordinary women, ranging in age from 30 to 60. And, certainly, what contributes to their continuing to find them beautiful, even after married decades (and all the effects of time and pregnancy on their bodies), are such admirable qualities that they possess, that they report with so much proud.

As you can see, what GOOD MEN most love about their wives is what really makes a marriage happier and more durable: noble attitudes and feelings, something that is unfortunately less valued and propagated nowadays.

Now it’s your turn, reader.

What qualities do you love and admire in your woman that makes you the best woman in the world for you? (Girls, mark your husbands!)

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