8 Ways to Make Your Wife Totally Satisfied With You

8 Ways to Make Your Wife Totally Satisfied With You
Do you want to see your wife completely satisfied and in love? So, do these 8 things for her:

1. Keep her informed about your daily schedules
It is a security for the woman to know where you are and what you are doing when you are not at work. It’s not because she wants to stay in control.

Any woman who loves her husband likes to schedule her day considering her husband’s schedule, so they can enjoy more of their free time together.

2. Respect your wife as well as other women
You respect your wife when you act like someone who takes the marriage seriously when you feel committed to it. Respecting your wife also means respecting other women.

Because it is a total disrespect to any woman to be sworn in by a committed man. Then, by behaving like a married and faithful man, you will be respecting all women – even your mother and other women in the family, for it is their surname that you carry.

3. Be an exemplary professional
No matter if your profession requires intellectual or manual effort, your wife will be very proud to have a man who fights for his daily bread, giving his all to be an excellent professional in the area in which he works.

4. Be an honest man
The dream of every woman of integrity is to have a man of integrity at his side, who honors his financial commitments, which fulfills what he promises. Someone of the confidence of all, unable to pass the leg on a friend or client, unable to get hold of what is not yours.

5. Be a good person with life
Many women have the misfortune of living with the complexities of a sullen, frowning husband. Be patient!

Strive to cultivate good humor. He is a holy remedy! It makes life to two more pleasurable and the couple’s burdens lighter. The woman is happy when she has a good husband with life around her (very different from the one who has a grumpy one), because it is a very pleasant experience to talk with him, to laugh together, to see life under a prism of optimism and gratitude.

6. Recognize your sacrifices
Friend, a superhuman effort is required of the woman to succeed in all the areas in which she acts. She feels the need to be good as a mother, wife, professional, cook, friend, counselor, community member, or church.

She does not want to fail, but fails yet. Simply because it is impossible to be good at everything. This makes her very frustrated. That’s where you come in, with the mission of making her understand that she’s wonderful the way she is. And one of the ways to do that is by showing your gratitude for everything she does.

7. Be kind and caring, especially outside the room
It is easy for a man to be gentle with his wife when there is no sexual interest involved. But he will only be able to touch her heart if he acts this way in the day to day, with total disinterest. The woman realizes when she is doing something because she loves her and wants to see her happy, or just wanting to be “rewarded” later.

8. Take the helm in the house
No, it’s not for you to give more orders. Want to be a great leader in your home? Understand that the position of the true leader is ahead of your team by setting the example. And not behind, giving orders. So, take the kitchen once or twice a week. Take care of children or cleaning the house whenever possible.

These are things that make any wife happy, satisfied, and grateful. Be the great husband your wife deserves, and you will have a marriage you never imagined: light, happy, enthusiastic and full of love. Every couple deserves to be happy, but this happiness comes at a price. Are you willing to pay it off?

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