Why is sleep so important?

Why is sleep so important?
Have you ever thought that much of your life you spend sleeping? Although it seems an unproductive time, all this time spent sleeping is essential to maintain good health, and why not, life itself.

Sleeping, in addition to relaxing the body, also acts on our mental health, and so this moment is so precious.

While we sleep the brain works
It is during our sleep that a real cleaning takes place in the brain. The unwanted connections and toxins are cleaned so that everything works well again. Little sleep can disrupt this process and in the medium or long term the consequences will come.

Sleep is good for your health
Our grandparents already said, “Let’s sleep, tomorrow everything will be resolved,” actually sleeping does very well in every way, including our physical health. While we sleep our whole muscles relax and rest, our memory consolidates , our immune system strengthens.

Hormones are also released during sleep, that of growth, for example, is activated as early as the first hour of sleep, and is critical to providing us physical vigor beyond logically growth for the younger.

Other important hormones released are those that control anxiety, as well as insulin, which is the hormone responsible for controlling blood sugar.

Quality of sleep
Since sleeping well is so important, being aware and preparing for it is also critical. Having a healthy diet, exercising, avoiding caffeine and alcohol consumption are good practices to ensure a good night’s sleep.

And speaking of a good night’s sleep, a lot is said about the amount of hours needed to sleep. Recently a published study related sleep to the age group of each one and in this way the recommended one for an adult of up to sixty-four years is of seven to nine hours of daily sleep. Older children and adolescents usually have a greater need than others.

Some distractions of modern life may make the ideal amount of sleep not be fulfilled, especially among the younger ones. The use of cell phones, tablets, video games and computers can entertain too much of your users, so they do not notice the time to pass and enter dawn, losing precious hours of rest, which clearly affects their performance the next day.

Just like everything in life good planning to ensure good hours of sleep will make all the difference to your physical and mental health. Do not stop to rest properly!

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