10 Juice You can Make From A Strawberry

10 Juice You can Make From A Strawberry
Juices are wonderful options for keeping up with meals, ingesting important nutrients and also to help keep hydration current! And strawberry is a great ally for all those points!

1. Orange juice with strawberry: very refreshing and delicious, this recipe has a special cat leap to make that juice amazing!

2. Papaya Juice with Strawberry: Beaten in the blender, it is very quick to make and even though it is not a very common juice, it is wonderful!

3. Strawberry Juice with Lemon Balm Tea : Super-audible, with antioxidant and soothing action, forms a perfect combo to give a boost to your immunity!

4. Strawberry smoothie and jabuticaba : For those who want a refreshing recipe for hot days, this smoothie is ideal! It is also packed with vitamins and fiber, which will help your body function better.

5. Strawberry and banana smoothie : refreshing, is made with the junction of the banana with the strawberry, two fruits that combine too much! And ah, it does not take sugar!

6. Milkshake of coconut with strawberry : the mixture of the coconut with strawberry leaves that recipe very lean and tasty! Incredible combination!

7. Strawberry yogurt with syrup and chunks : Healthy, perfect for you who wants to turbine your natural yogurt with the incredible taste of strawberry!

How many amazing and wonderful recipes, is not it? What is not lacking are options for many occasions, from desserts to more formal dinners to late afternoon snacks.

Contraindications and warnings about consumption

But after all, can anyone consume strawberries normally? Are there any contraindications? Nutritionist Isabela Rodrigues explains what are the main problems that can prevent you from eating this fruit regularly.

She points out that, because it contains calcium oxalate, the constant consumption of strawberry by those who are prone to the formation of kidney stones can be problematic in the long run. In that case, it is necessary to have moderation in consumption.

She also points out that it is important to be careful with the excess pesticides found in commercially sold fruit. According to her, “the best way to get around the problem is to look for organic strawberries or plant them at home.”

That is, in moderation, you can delight in the strawberries! There are several benefits and what is not missing are incredible choices of consumption! Which of the recipes caught your eye? Tell us in the comments!

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