The problem child may reveal something important about your family

The problem child may reveal something important about your family.
That the world complains of children who are a problem everyone knows. Parents go to specialists to find solutions so that their children are no longer a problem at home, for neighbors and at school. What the world may not know is that the child is a reflection of a problem that may be in the family.

No matter how much society tries to impose other concepts, the family is still the safest environment to raise children. There she will be cared for and will have much of her formed character in the coexistence. The safe haven of the child is his home, his parents and brothers, those who have cared for him since birth.

When a child ends up becoming a problem for society the experts often forget to talk and try to treat the family structure or the parents individually. Children are like sponges and naturally reveal the problems in the home and the private life of the family, things that parents try to hide and believe they do well.

In this article a psychologist described a conflict his mother brought him. His claim was that his son, who had once been caring and considerate, had grown harsh and even wanted his mother to disappear. He talked to his mother who agreed to treat her psychological problems (depression). As her mother improved, her son became affectionate again.

Family problems are common and deserve attention. Often it reflects on the lack of rules in the home allowing the child to seek the attention they need so much through acts that they know their parents will fail. This can extend to school and other social sites. The parents, even ashamed, apologize for their son’s misbehavior, but do not acknowledge that they are the main culprits for the child’s inconsequential acts.

For those parents who can see that the treatment is not restricted to the child, some actions can be taken so that the balance returns to live in the home:

Analyze your challenges and how you act at home (the environment in which you actually show yourself to others).

Reflect on what may be causing the child’s inappropriate behavior.

Seek help with experts, because the view from the outside always brings the most correct version of what can actually be happening.

Some basic attitudes that parents should have in the home also help curb inappropriate behaviors of their children:

Rules of respect for each other within the home.
Attention with sincere love.

Open dialogue as far as the child’s understanding is concerned.

Respect for the child.

Parent-child or mother-child relationship preserved.

Support and encouragement.

Contact with other family members.

The problem child will not always be able to show parents that they need to change something inside the home or the relationship.

She can camouflage and be a very quiet and good child. Attention to the child’s behavior is always a clear way of knowing where the family needs to work for its empowerment.

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