11 Ways to Make a SPA at Home

11 Ways to Make a SPA at Home
With the day-to-day running – work, traffic, family, crowded e-mail box – having a time for yourself seems like a dream, does not it? How about, then, separating a few hours of the day to take care of only your well-being?

You do not need to go to a luxurious SPA for this! With a few easy and simple tips , it is possible to transform your bathroom from the home into the setting for great moments. And the treatments for your beauty can be made, yes, with the products that you already have.

Organize your assignments so that you have some free time. If you have children, leave them to someone’s care, at least for an hour. The moment is yours – and we know you need (and deserve).

Check out our suggestions and turn the bathroom of your home into a private, private SPA with everything you have right!

1. Serve a nice glass of wine
Or a sparkling wine. Just to celebrate the incredible person you are – and kick start your relaxation session. If you prefer (or are under 18 years old), it is better to serve the juice you like, or a very cold tea.

2. Put your favorite songs to play
You choose the climate of your SPA. Want something more relaxing? Opt for a calmer and more instrumental playlist. Want to cheer? Turn up the volume and choose a rock. Want to sing loudly? Go with that powerful sertanejo. Who does not like a guy?

3. Light candles or incense
Leave the bathroom in a more intimate and fragrant mood. The lighting with candlelight gives a special air to the environment. An incense of lavender conveys tranquility and has the power to calm the mind.

4. Separate a robe or your softest towel
Everyone has at home that great towel, which gives even a little penis to use. Today is the day to put your game!

5. Hydrate your hair
There are several options in the market, for the most diverse types of hair. Choose a hydration ampoule that is best suited for your wires and follow the instructions on the package for an even more incredible result.

6. Apply a face mask
You can buy ready-made clay masks at pharmacies. They are products that nourish the skin and give a face up. But it is also possible to make a very simple homemade recipe. Make a pasty kneading a ripe banana. Apply gently on face and leave for 15 minutes. Rinse with cold water.

7. Exfoliate the skin
By doing an exfoliation, you eliminate the dead cells and impurities from your skin. To make a homemade scrub, make a sugar blend with your favorite moisturizer. Apply on the whole body, doing a massage with circular movements. Then rinse.

8. Hydrate every inch of your body
What is the most powerful and fragrant moisturizer you have at home? This is the one you will use. Apply without economy in the whole body.

9. Pay Attention to Your Feet
It is they who take you everywhere and even stare at you from time to time. Taking care of your feet is crucial! For that moment of relaxation, make scalding feet with hot water and coarse salt. Let your feet soak for half an hour – ideal time to watch an episode of some series. After that, massage them gently and apply a moisturizer or essential oil.

10. Do the fingernails
If you know how to make your own nails, enjoy this moment. After bathing the skin becomes much softer, facilitating the removal of the cuticles. Choose a very nice enamel color and capriche!

11. Go do some activity that you like
After all this process is done, forget the sinkware and go do something for yourself. Read a book, watch a movie, eat a brigadier without guilt. Enjoy all the sensations!

Try doing this care routine at least once a month. Taking care of your well-being is important so that your life is lighter and happier.

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