10 things to learn before you turn 30

10 things to learn before you turn 30
The 30’s are a milestone in any woman’s life. After all, it is at this age that we are no longer considered “young adults” and we come to be seen as “real adults”.

It is at this age that we started thinking about increasing skin care to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. If we still do not have children, we just blow the 30th birthday candles we feel are increasing the collection of family, friends, and strangers to “order a baby.”

In fact, the 30 years brings some knowledge that we could not have at 20, but that could be very useful to avoid a good deal of suffering in our youth.

Already the old adage says that “if the advice was good, it would not be given, but sold.” But we believe that sharing experiences can help us hope for better days when things go wrong. So take a deep breath and know the 10 truths that every woman should know before turning 30:

1. You deserve more
When we are younger, we end up accepting a lot of things that do not do us so well, whether it’s a boyfriend who does not pay attention to us or a job we do not value. Over time, we realize that people and activities that make us suffer should not take place in our lives.

You deserve more than a partner who only criticizes you and deserves a better job than the one you hate. When you believe that, you will be open to finding what you truly deserve.

2. You can not control another person
You can not force a person to do something she does not want, just as you can not stop her from doing something she wants very much. It is normal to think that it is possible to change a person so that it fits more in what we expect, but the truth is that this is not possible.

Trying to change a person will only get you out of your life – and sometimes that’s the best thing that can happen to you. If you can not live with a certain characteristic or attitude of a person, let it go.

3. Learning to forgive is the secret to moving forward.
Forgiveness helps us get out, emotionally speaking, from a bad situation. By choosing to forgive, you let the pain go away and you are open to new stories that can bring you great joy.

Forgiving, however, does not mean accepting everything. Sometimes it will be necessary to take a person out of your life and to forgive means to stop mulling over the evil she has caused you.

4. Your intuition is right
Age brings wisdom (at least it should), and with it comes to the experience that your intuition is most likely correct. Sometimes we do not listen to our intuition because we do not like what she is saying, but over time you will realize that she never fails.

Believe in your perceptions and what your inner self is saying, as this can save you suffering and help you make wiser decisions.

5. Positive thinking is essential.
No goal of yours will come without effort, but you will not get anywhere if you do not have positive thinking and believe in your dream. The first step to an achievement is to believe that it is possible and to see yourself after you achieve it.

Why you want what you want? How will you feel after accomplishing your goal? Having the answers to these questions will help you stay motivated to pursue your goals.

6. You need to be your best friend.
From adolescence to early adulthood, we rely on our friends to vent, get their ideas right, or even have a company. However, after we are over 30, we realize that true friends are very rare, and even they may end up disappointed in some way.

So you need to be your best friend first. Learn to listen to your own problems and also learn how you can help yourself out of a crisis. Learn to feel good in your own company and develop your self-knowledge.

7. The way you react is the most important
People will disappoint you, will dislike you for no reason and will speak ill of you unjustly. This happens to everyone and we can not control the thoughts of everyone around us. What really matters in these cases is how you will react.

If you can not prevent life from happening, on the other hand, you have the power to control your reactions. The world will try to make you nervous, aggressive and sad, but it will be your choice to succumb to those feelings or keep your balance despite the negative events.

8. Idolate the Right People
When we are teenagers, it is normal to have distant idols. We identify with songs, photos, phrases on social networks and we end up feeling very close to these people. But as time goes by, we learn that this feeling is one-sided.

Learn to value the people who are close to you. Your grandmother probably faced a lot in life and deserves your admiration, as well as your parents and teachers. The history of these people is as impressive as that of the famous idols.

9. You are greater than your fears
We are all afraid of something: you may be afraid of not having money, while your friend may be afraid to be disappointed in the love relationship. Unfortunately, the unfolding of life is uncontrollable, and sometimes we are thrown face-to-face with our greatest fears.

At these times, you need to know that you are greater than him. You are able to adjust your finances, to overcome a broken heart, to lead your life without a very dear being. All of this hurts, but you will have the strength to face your fears.

10. It’s never too late to be yourself
We change over time – and that may mean you’re not the same person an hour ago. Therefore, the decisions you have made in the past may no longer serve your present moment, however much they seemed right at the time.

Do not be afraid to discover your new self and change the course of your life to satisfy your new desires. It can be a career change, city change, husband change. Of course, some things need planning, but do not think you are too old to be yourself.

This is true even if you are over 30 years old. After all, however much others may wish to advise us, only our own experience is able to teach us in truth. If you have reached the 30 without having full conviction of some of these truths, know that today is the best time to start exploring this new direction. Never is too late!

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