7 things every grandmother does and we love

7 things every grandmother does and we love
She is one of the most wonderful and incredible people you will have close to you in life. Beautiful, cute, with many life stories, are inspiring women and deserve all the pampering in the world!

And how not to fall in love with the delights that the little voice do, right? There are so many things that are so “grand features” that it is even difficult to choose some to talk about.

It’s such incredible things that you can bet that if you talk in a circle of friends or with other family members, everyone will say “my grandmother does it too!”. Because, after all, it’s grandma stuff!

If you love her very much, or you miss her, see 8 things that every grandmother does and loves!

1. She makes the hottest foods
Is there anything hotter than fare, people? No you do not. You can be sure that many of her favorite cakes, sweets and dishes were made by her. No one knows what’s so magical about what they do.

We bet you must have some special seasoning that only you have a license to buy. Perhaps this explains the magic of everything they prepare for their grandchildren to eat.

Grandma’s food usually refers to childhood, to good things, to special moments in life. And surely you associate something that your grandmother does to something special.

2. Grandma will not let you stop eating
And here comes another point: grandmas do not let their grandchildren stop eating. Besides the table is always full, they do not let you just have an empty stomach.

Breakfast with everything you can imagine. Then a snack in the middle of the morning. Lunch. A little fruit here, and an ice cream there. Afternoon you are still filled up and you have some grains, and then dinner a meal you had not eaten for a very long time.

No wonder many people comment that, when visiting the grandmother, it comes out more chubby. They do not let us have the chance to starve ourselves.

3. Grandma’s house is the place to make mess without recrimination
Surely you and your friends or cousins, when they were kids, have already made a lot of mess in grandma’s house, right?

While the parents are crazy to see the hurricane that the small ones cause in the house, the grandparents like this agitation. After seeing their children leaving home, they really miss it and so are more patronizing about it.

4. Grandma has the coolest pieces at home
Monoculars, old phones, antique decor, vinyl, antique radio sets, among many other details make Grandma’s house have a unique charm. It is very interesting to be able to enjoy things that you are not accustomed to seeing for not being of your time.

5. Grandma has the best photos to show for her partner or friends.
Whether it’s your little pictures or moments in her life, your grandmother certainly has the best pictures to show to friends, cousins and a partner.

Many of them still remember exactly the moments in which they were taken. And it is very cool and interesting to see different moments, either in relation to the style of the time or even to have contact with distant relatives that perhaps you did not even know.

6. Grandma always has an incredible story to tell
Grandparents always have the best stories to tell. And surely you have not heard any that she will be willing to tell you. And the best: they LOVE to do that.

If you want to know about her childhood, from her parents, from other times, or even remember her stories, separate a few minutes and go and talk to her grandmother. Surely she will be happy to tell you everything!

7. Grandma always has some madness to make grandchildren laugh
If you want to laugh a lot, surely being with your grandmother can help a lot in this. They always do something that makes you totally surprised.

They may be simple things, such as hanging out with a flip-flop of each color or even dyeing hair in bright colors. It could be confusing the name of the grandchildren or fighting with someone in the bank queue in a totally funny way.

Grandparents are a delight! So always stay close to yours, if you still can. And what other things do you also love in your little voice?

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