Pregnant women who practice physical activity should take these 5 precautions

Pregnant women who practice physical activity should take these 5 precautions
The practice of physical activities during pregnancy is also a prevention against some ailments such as gestational diabetes, thrombosis, and pre-eclampsia.

Another important factor is that this practice helps reduce cardiovascular stress, also improves oxygenation capacity and blood circulation.

Physical activities such as swimming, yoga, exercise bike, hiking, water aerobics are indicated with medical monitoring, before anything else.

According to a physiotherapist, there is a lot of care to be taken during pregnancy when practicing physical activities, but well accompanied by a professional it is possible to practice these activities.

However, she warns that women who suffer from some problems such as the risk of preterm birth, heart disease and serious circulatory diseases are prohibited from exercising for their own good and their babies.

For Karine, situations like excessive obesity, hypertension and anemia, it is best to go through a specialist before practicing physical activities.

It is also important to immediately close physical activities in cases of nausea, tachycardia and dizziness, vaginal bleeding, abortion history, loss of amniotic fluid.

According to some specialized websites these are the 5 precautions that every pregnant woman should have when practicing physical activities:

1. Stretches and amplitudes
Every pregnant woman needs special care in stretching and movement ranges , because in the period of pregnancy with the secretion of hormones progesterone and relaxin the chances of lesions are greater.

The accompaniment of a specialized professional is the best form of protection, it will tell the care and techniques that must be done in this process.

2. Isometric Exercises
Static exercises are not indicated in the period of pregnancy, they can produce an increase in blood pressure that could harm the woman in the period of pregnancy. It is advisable to move dynamically, try to respect the limits of the body, if there are difficulties in these movements, choose movements with smaller amplitudes and keep the load always reduced.

3. Impact exercises
A skilled professional will be the ideal person to protect you and your baby when practicing physical activities, especially when they involve impact exercises, these are not advisable due to joint instability that can create injuries.

Remember that in the period of pregnancy, your health and the health of your baby should be a priority in your life and your family.

4. Food
Every pregnant woman needs to be well fed . Carelessness in eating is detrimental in all respects and especially in the practice of physical activities, for each period of gestation requires different activities, and the well-fed body will be prepared to withstand each one. But, it is important to point out that the specialized professional should follow up.

5. Sleep quality
Just as feeding is essential in pregnancy for physical exercise, so is sleep quality.

Good sleep is essential, before exercising, the pregnant woman needs to be well rested, so she will feel healthier and more willing to practice these activities.

If you have had a poor night and you feel very tired or dizzy, ask for help and stop exercising immediately.

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