5 signs that it’s just a beautiful friendship and not love

5 signs that it’s just a beautiful friendship and not love

“Love your blind fool, what you do to my eyes, that they do not see what they see.” (Shakespeare)

Notice the 5 signs that it is just a beautiful friendship and not love:

1. There is no chemistry
When you are in love, one of the most important things you can never miss is the chemistry between couples, as they both feel their hearts flutter and their bodies shake just thinking or seeing their loved one. But when only one is in love, chemistry does not happen, so there is no partnership, no commitment, no love.

2. Lack of availability
Sacrificing yourself to be with the person, but she does not do the same for you, and there is always something more important to be done, leaving you as background, this is not a good sign. Although they rejoice when they are together, this is not enough, especially when he does not show the same enthusiasm as you. Sad as it is, this is not love, it’s just a good friendship.

Let’s be honest, when the person is really in love, there are no obstacles, because the loved one becomes the best part of the day and she will do whatever it takes to get it right.

3. You are not a priority
Most people have heard, at some point in their lives, this expression, “That one was laced with love.” This expression is used because when you fall in love, the person you love becomes the world of the other. Some people cancel football, get together with friends, and even fail to do many things that were important before, and do so to prioritize the loved one.

We tend to prioritize what we love most and that brings us happiness, friendship is of great value, but only love is essential, so it is not love when you are not a priority in his life.

4. There is no homesickness
When we love someone, being away from that person can cause sadness and a lot of pain, it is so with our families and with those who care most and would not be different with the loved one.

At the beginning of the relationship, the person spends all day beside his love, but when they separate for a space of one night, the damn nostalgia tightens, because to be in love is to want to be with the loved person all the time.

5. You are replaceable
In love there is no substitution, you love that person and that’s the end, for it is for you that you will cry, suffer and do whatever it takes through righteous sacrifices. Although the friendship is beautiful, it does not fill the absence of love, because friends can come and go, but love is rare.

In friendship you miss your friend and continue to watch your football or read a good book, but in love you need to be sure to be reciprocated and listen to the voice of the person you love, even if you spent the night talking to her, not Matter, you need to talk again because you want to love and feel loved.

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