Jemima on RubyWrites2016

The African Rubiz competition has given us, the granddaughters and daughters of the women who have been silenced a platform to speak up on the things we can no longer pretend to endure. The beauty of this platform arises from not only being the first of its kind to strongly encourage young female writers to scribble the decaying injustices, but also the sense of unity derived from knowing other young women just like myself, though from different backgrounds, voice together in solidarity, defying the age old systems of oppression and suppression. The competition was free and fair, and encourage fluidity of imagination with no restrictions and rules, which to me is the recipe for true budding liberation, one which in time will set the African woman free indeed.


-Jemima Eli-Shama (Winner Ruby Writes 2016)

Lead City University Ibadan.

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