9 Ways to Define the Tummy without Abdominals

9 Ways to Define the Tummy without Abdominals
When one talks about defining the belly, it is natural for us to think directly about abdominal exercises, but it is only they who offer what is necessary to flatten that region of the body.

Here are 9 ways for you to achieve the definite belly effect without using sit-ups.

1. Leg Lifting Exercise
An exercise that can be much less suffered than the abs and offers great result in terms of definition.

Leg lift exercise to set the belly

Lie on a mat with your belly up and your arms outstretched on the side of your body.

Gather and stretch your two legs upwards.

Return the starting position and repeat the procedure.

2. Bicycle exercise in the air
Bike exercise in the air to set the belly

You should again lie down with your belly up on your mat.

Extend your arms to the side of your body and do the lifting of your legs.

With your legs in the air you should make a movement as if you were pedaling.

A great workout also for working the thighs and glutes.

3. Lifting bridge exercise
Exercise of bridge with elevation to define the belly

Lie on a mat with your belly up, stretch your arms at your sides.

Your hip should be raised off the floor.

One of your legs should be stretched at an angle of 90 ° to the ground.

Return the initial position and in the sequence do the same procedure with the other leg.

4. Exercise of the board
Exercise of the plank to define the belly

You should lie on the mat with your tummy down.

Following it is necessary to lift your body off the ground.

Note that by doing this the weight of your body will be supported on your hands and feet.

To be able to stay in this position you need to contract the muscles of your abdomen.

5. Exercise Climber
Climbing exercise to set the belly

The exercise that makes you look like a climber is great for setting the belly without requiring abdominal wear.

Your arms and toes should be properly supported on the mat.

Bend one knee until it rests on the chest, alternating knees.

Do this exercise for half a minute, as you perform the exercise increase that time.

6. Squats with the ball
Ball squat to set the belly

To do this exercise at home you will need a ball of those of practice of exercises.

Position the ball between your back and the wall, the ball should be at the end of your back.

Without moving the ball with your legs slightly apart, lower yourself until you reach the ground.

Go up again and go down.

7. Aerobic Exercises
Race helps to define the belly

Aerobic exercises are important for burning calories, even if running does not work directly on the belly muscles is a great way to make your body more defined.

Eliminating the extra pounds helps to better distribute fat throughout the body avoiding accumulations like those that generate the tummy.

8. Thermogenic foods
Thermogenic foods help to define the belly

Still following the previous tip of avoiding the accumulation of fat in the body, it is interesting to include thermogenic foods in your diet.

These foods have the function of raising the temperature of the glass in a way to melt the fat that may accumulate through the consumption of food.

Among the thermogenic foods you can include in your diet are pepper and cinnamon.

9. Escape processed foods
Right and wrong foods to set the belly

The more processed foods you have in your diet the harder it is to set the tummy, know that even if you do a lot of sit-ups you will still have a small “bundle” of fat if you consume many of these foods.

So the tip is to be careful to consume only light foods that do not generate fat accumulation.

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